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There are lots of ways to clean all kinds of messes in your house. You might be using a sponge mop to clean your tile while your friend uses a steam mop. Some people use newspaper to get their windows clean while others choose to use a paper towel. There isn’t always a right answer when it comes to cleaning your home just what you think works best. When it comes to trying to clean stains off your carpet there is a right and a wrong way. You want to make sure that if you are working on a specific category of stain you use the right method. If you use the wrong one it can not only set the stain into the carpet it can also spread it out. There are several categories of stains and they each need to be treated in a particular way.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Outlines Different Types of Stain Removal

Sticky Chewed Gum & Candy Carpet Stains: When it comes to stains on your carpet that can be scary to find, gum is at the top of the list. Gum is actually considered a spot because it stays on the surface of the carpet and does not change the chemical component of the fibers. The same goes for your toddlers chewy candy. You want to make sure that you use the right method so that it does not get ground in further or spread out to a larger surface area. The method you want to use includes a bag of ice that you can set on the spot. This will freeze the gum which will allow you the opportunity to chip it and break it away. You want to use a plastic card or butter knife to chip away at the spot. You want to make sure that you repeat the process if needed.
Oily, Grease & Wax Carpet Spills: The next category that you may end up dealing with is oil, grease and wax. The oil and grease can easily come from foods that are greasy or tools and other equipment that you have around your home and yard. One thing that many homes have is wax that is being melted down to add a beautiful aroma to your house. The wax becomes a liquid that can end up spilling on your carpet. You need to use heat to work on this type of stain. You can use a heated iron and a brown lunch bag to remove the wax or oil. The bag soaks up the stain as the heat brings it away from the carpet fibers. You want to use caution when you use this method so that you do not overheat the spot causing damage to your carpet.
Water Soluble Carpet Spills & Stains: One of the most common stains that you will come across happens to be water soluble stains. They are things that come out of your kitchen such as soda, gravy and other foods. It can also include dirt and even chocolate which can be cleaned with a water solution. The water needs to be mixed with some dish soap and used to wash the spot followed up with the dabbing a clean cloth.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning offers services to treat for unwanted stains on your carpet. Call us today to have a technician sent out to your house.

Area rugs can be prone to smells. If you find that your area rug is getting a bit smelly, you’ll probably want to figure out what is causing it and how to get rid of it! Musty smells in the home can be due to a moisture problem that may be caused by a leaky roof, a plumbing issue or condensation on cool surfaces. To ensure your area rugs smell great and last a long time, it’s important to clean them the right way. Proper cleaning techniques will prevent airborne contaminants from having a negative effect on the health of those that live in your home. The hardest smells to get rid of are musty mildew odors. This smell starts to develop when mold begins growing on your carpet, and no amount of air freshener will get rid of it if the mildew isn’t removed.

Masking the Odor Might Make the Problem Worse

When your home starts to get smelly it’s easy to grab an air freshener or light a candle to hide the smell. This might work for smells that aren’t as troublesome, like onions, but will be almost impossible to do with a musty smell that is caused by mold infested carpeting. Adding to the problem, many of the air fresheners and sprays on the market contain toxic volatile organic compounds that can be very bad for your health. The best way to eliminate bad odors in your home is to hire professionals to have area rugs cleaned the right way.

Professionals Have the Right Cleaning Products & Equipment

If you find that your area rug is giving off a musty smell, it may be harboring mildew, especially if it’s in an area with high humidity. Professionals use state-of-the-art equipment that has high-powered vacuums and dryers. This equipment will get your area rugs cleaned thoroughly and dried the right way for effective odor removal without damaging your rugs. Trying to clean area rugs yourself may leave too much moisture in the carpets that will only promote mold growth. The machines used during professional cleaning will remove more water to completely address the mildew issue that causes bad odors. Trained technicians have access to the best cleaning solutions to permanently remove odors. These solutions penetrate the surfaces to complete neutralize the smell. They also know that area rugs are made of different materials that all need different cleaning products for efficient odor removal. Odors coming from your area rug can cause your whole house to smell when HVAC systems spread the smell from room to room. Having your area rugs cleaned professionally will remove offensive odors and extend the life of them.

Area Rug Cleaning & More in Orange, Santa Ana, Rancho Cucamonga, Anaheim, Whittier, Riverside, Chino & Fullerton California

The best way to protect your area rugs is to hire professionals to clean them. Professional carpet cleaners have experience in cleaning any kind of area rug and use the mildest solution necessary to have them looking like the day you bought them. Area rugs can range in price, and regardless of what you spent on yours, it’s special to you and needs to be taken care of with the utmost care. Contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today!

Carpets are great at creating a cozy feeling in your home. Over time, your carpets will start to show signs of wear and experience spills and stains. The time will come when you’ll need to have professionals come to your home to have them cleaned. You’ve already made the smart decision to hire professionals to do it, now get your home ready.

7 Ways to Prepare for Carpet Cleaners

1. Vacuum. To get the best results, it’s important to vacuum your carpets to remove crumbs, pet hair and any other debris. Vacuuming will allow the professionals to perform a more thorough cleaning of your carpets because the debris that settles deep into the carpet fibers will be removed. Dust the baseboards to remove dust that will otherwise just get wet and stay caked to the baseboards.
2. Note areas of concern. Almost any home has areas where spills have occurred and stained the carpet. and all homes have high traffic areas. Make a note of them and have the cleaners spend extra time on these areas. This will ensure that your carpets will look like new after they’ve been cleaned. Consider placing pieces of blue tape on the areas that need a little more TLC.
3. Move furniture. To get as much of your carpet cleaned, you’ll need to move some furniture around. Plus, you’ll make it easy for the cleaners to get around your home. Move lighter items to the garage and push heavier items off to the side. Pick up clutter and lift drapes or curtains off the floor with a hanger to prevent contact with cleaning solution. Otherwise you may have dyes from the drapes or curtains staining you carpet after they get wet.
4. Clear an area for parking. Provide an area for the cleaner to park the truck, either right in front of your home or on the driveway. This provides easy access to your home to run the hoses.
5. Protect breakable items. Broken items are the last thing you want to deal with. Put anything fragile away or you may have a precious vase or valuable picture bumped by the cleaners. Even though the company your hire is bonded and insured, it’s smart to remove valuables before they arrive.
6. Make plans to leave. Consider an outing while the cleaners will be in your home. You and your family will be out of the way and the job will go more smoothly. Pets can become startled with loud noises, so you may want to put them in the back yard or in a crate while the cleaners are there. Plan on staying away long enough to allow the carpet to dry. Ask your technician how long it should take before you can walk on them.
7. Locate the spigots. Many companies use hot water extraction to clean carpets and may need to use your spigots to connect their hose. Locate them before they arrive so you can show them where they are.

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Having your carpets professionally cleaned will freshen up the appeal of your home and will make your carpet last longer too. Follow these steps to prepare for the professionals and you’ll get the cleanest carpets possible! Call Leading Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment.

Commonly found in the yards of many homeowners is mud, particularly in the summer. Summer storms, scheduled watering for the grass, shrubs, and trees, as well as summer water activities the kids are likely to enjoy, creates mud on a regular basis. With mud, pets, and kids, you will likely find muddy pawprints or footprints tarnishing the carpets, rugs, and upholstery. Today, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like share how you should treat these muddied surfaces.

Let Mud Stains Dry Before Cleaning

Experts in the industry always remind homeowners to immediately treat any accidental spills. When it comes to mud however, that is an impulse you should resist. Trying to cleanup mud is difficult; it spreads and gets pushed below the surface, making a bigger mess. Dry dirt is easily vacuumed when done correctly, it is more efficient. When it comes the vacuuming the dried out muddy pawprints, be sure to do it slowly and methodically as well as in different directions for more effectiveness. Keep in mind that just because the dirt is noticeable on the surface, doesn’t mean that it is there, and you need to be thorough when vacuuming.

How to Get Ground in Dirt & Mud Out of Carpets

1) As mentioned, let the muddy pawprints dry completely so you can vacuum the dry particulates. Be detailed and patient as you vacuum the dirt.
2) If you notice a remaining film from the mud, treat the spots with 2 cups white vinegar, 2 cups warm water, and 1 tbsp mild liquid dish soap mixed well. A squirt bottle makes for easy use.
3) Administer the ready solution onto the spots until the area is lightly dampened; do not over saturate. With a lot of pressure and a dry towel or cloth, blot away the residues and moisture until the area is clean. If you must repeat the application use caution as you do not want the carpet wet, only damp.

How to Clean & Remove Fabric Sofa Mud Stains

1) You can vacuum the upholstery with the hose and any upholstery attachments as needed to remove the dried soil from the muddy prints.
2) Combine and blend well, 2 cups cold water with 1 tbsp liquid dish soap in a squirt bottle, bowl, or bucket. Dampen a white cloth or sponge with the prepared solution. Use the treated implement to blot away the spotted residues.
3) If you have to repeat the blotting process to remove the film, be sure to use a dry towel in between applications to avoid allowing the upholstery from getting too wet, it should only be damp.

How to Get Soil & Mud Out of Rugs

1) Only after the muddy pawprints have dried, use the vacuuming technique previously explained to lift the dry particles.
2) To remove any lingering spots, mix together 2 cups white vinegar, 1 tbsp mild liquid dish soap, and 2 cups cool water. A spray bottle makes the task simpler. Lightly dampen the spots with your solution, do not over saturate. The moisture and remaining residues should blot onto the dry towel or cloth used to blot with heavy pressure.
3) On the treated areas, sprinkle moderately some baking soda. Allow the area to set for several hours; it should be completely dry and vacuum the area with the same technique as the dirt.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning is readily available to help you keep your carpets healthy and vibrant with professional deep cleaning 1-2 times a year in addition to your routine vacuuming habits. Contact us today to learn more.

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