Leading Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners were indirectly referred to us by my neighbor when I saw the truck in their driveway. We have a store bought carpet steam cleaning machine but it's just not as powerful as a truck mounted steam carpet cleaner and I've never used it to try to clean our sofas or mattresses. This amazing residential carpet cleaning company were able to fit us in the next day which was fantastic! We were immediately impressed with the professionalism and care. The technicians really took pride in our carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their mattress cleaning achieved pet odor and stain removal I never would have thought possible and their drapery cleaning got rid of all the built up dust. Our carpets are over five years old and our sofas are more than a little worn too. We called Leading looking for a better carpet and what we received were carpets that look brand new! I no longer need to strategically place area rugs to cover the worst of it! We've never had any kind of water damage emergency but if we did, I would call Leading Carpet Cleaning right away! I had never thought about it before but they can do steam tile & grout cleaning too. Such a better option than scrubbing with a brush all day! If you need home or commercial carpet cleaning, call these guys!

Orange CA

I have used Leading Carpet Cleaning twice now and I couldn't be happier! The first time I called them was for commercial carpet cleaning services at my office in Santa Ana. They cleaned the floors from the tile and grout cleaning in the front reception area, kitchens and bathrooms to the carpet cleaning in the offices and the hardwood floor restoration in our conference room. I was so impressed I called them for residential carpet cleaning at my home in Orange. In addition to carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning, I had them do mattress cleaning too. As a bachelor, I don't have messes from kids and pets but Leading's steam cleaning capabilities clean so much better than the surface cleaning I can do on my own. I'm embarrassed to say how long it's been since I've had air duct cleaning but I plan to call them back for that soon. 5 stars every time.

Santa Ana CA

When you meet experts, you know it and that is exactly what Leading Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning offers. The residential carpet cleaners are professional, friendly and you cannot beat their stain removal results - especially for heavily soiled carpets and area rug cleaning like we routinely need. I love it after they provide their tile and grout cleaning. My wife just can't duplicate it on her own cause she doesn't have all the industrial equipment they do. We've only called them out once for their wood floor refinishing because our wood floors still look great after it. Their leather sofa upholstery cleaning removes the pet hair and smells that our dogs our vacuum leaves behind. I used to have pretty bad allergies until we had them do mattress cleaning. I have given their number to several friends and colleagues and heard great things back too, especially in regards to commercial carpet cleaning and flood water damage restoration.

Rancho Cucamonga CA

Leading Carpet Cleaners always do an amazing job cleaning our floors and upholstery. They are very detailed and when they do our residential steam carpet cleaning, they really focus on the areas next to the baseboard that other carpet cleaning companies skip over. Their mattress and leather upholstery cleaning technicians really pay a lot of attention to pet hair, odor and stain removal. I love that they are friendly with our dogs and understanding of the claw marks on our wood floors. That's why we call them out once a year for hardwood floor refinishing. It buffs out the little scratches and gouges. We used to have a problem with mold until we called Leading for kitchen and bathroom tile and grout cleaning. It's always a great experience whether we call them for home or commercial carpet cleaning services. I used to try to vacuum my drapes but the suction was never right. Leading Carpet Cleaning remove all of the dust buildup. I have them do the drapery cleaning whenever they do our air duct cleaning cause it just makes sense. If I ever have any kind of flood or water damage disaster, I will probably call them before my husband! I have only good things to say. Thanks Leading!

Anaheim CA

I am a first time user but I recently had an excellent experience. I called Leading Carpet & Tile Cleaners out for floor cleaning and air duct cleaning before we moved into our new home in Whittier. Our new neighbor has just used them for water damage restoration and they came highly recommended. The residential carpet cleaners that came out were friendly and professional and did a great job with the steam carpet cleaning, especially odor and stain removal. The grout lines in the kitchen and master bathroom were a dark brown but after Leading Carpet did tile and grout cleaning, we realized they were really a light tan! The wood floor in the dining room looked dry and cracked but after they did hardwood floor refinishing, the floors look moisturized and shiny. Now that we have moved in, I plan to call them back out for rug and upholstery cleaning of our leather sofas and mattress cleaning too. If you are looking for a reliable home or commercial carpet cleaning company offering a full range of quality services, call these guys!

Whittier CA

Our condo association used Leading Carpet & Tile Cleaning for the commercial floor cleaning of the common areas of our building in Riverside this year. I was very impressed with the stain removal during their carpet cleaning and how clean their tile and grout cleaning left the restrooms. When the front entryway flooded a few months ago, Leading Carpet & Tile Cleaning sprang into action with the water extraction, carpet deodorizing and drying that I got their card when they were working and called them back to my apartment for residential carpet, rug, leather sofa upholstery cleaning as well as mattress cleaning of my mattress that has seen much better days. The price was excellent and I will definitely use them again.

Riverside CA

Based on Leading Carpet & Rug Cleaning's other good reviews, we had them clean a ten year old leather sofa. It didn't need a lot of stain removal but it was well worn and very dry. We were thinking of buying a new couch but it looks and feels so amazing now; we kept it. After such a fantastic personal experience, we called their residential carpet cleaners back out for the works - steam carpet cleaning, hard wood floor refinishing, tile and grout cleaning ... even specialty services we had never entertained before like air duct cleaning and mattress cleaning. Both of these services are ones you wonder how you ever lived without! Even though we didn't call them with a flooded house in an emergency water damage situation, they treated us like royalty - like we were their most important customers. I am currently begging my boss to call them for commercial carpet cleaning cause Leading Carpet & Rug Cleaning provide a much better service at a cheaper price!

Chino CA

We recently moved into a new house in Fullerton. Both sets of carpeted stairwells looked and smelled like they hadn't been cleaned in years (the rest of the carpet was stained but not as bad). We found Leading Carpet & Sofa Cleaners on Google and called them out for residential carpet cleaning and they achieved carpet stain removal that made our carpets look as good as new! We were so happy, my husband called them back out for upholstery cleaning of our aged couches and steam mattress cleaning as well. He is planning to call them out for the commercial carpet, tile and grout cleaning at his new chiropractors office and we honestly couldn't be more pleased with the results of their services. We've already given their number to several new neighbors and friends. Thanks so much Leading Carpet Cleaners for being so welcome and providing such a professional service!

Fullerton CA