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The holiday season brings extra foot traffic through your home and with it comes an additional serving of dirt, dust and grime that will attack the surface of your carpet. Heavy foot traffic can take quite a toll on your carpet and lead to permanent stains, carpet rippling, tears and other unsightly issues that will make your carpet unattractive, dirty and look drab. While a socks only policy will always assist in lengthening the life of your carpet, it will not completely protect it from the spills and accidents that will occur throughout the year.

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning

Pet accidents, food and drink spills and dirt from the outside will leave your carpet in bad shape. When a flow of heavy foot traffic is added to that equation, you may be replacing your carpet sooner than you had planned. One result of heavy foot traffic that can occur is dark shaded areas in the areas that are walked on the most. These can be common hallways and pathways as well as areas in front of couches where people rearrange their feet. When your carpet gets dark stains, it can be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Stain & Odor Removal

Heavy foot traffic will flatten the fibers of your carpet and can leave certain areas flatter than others, leaving your carpet totally unattractive. Not only does a steady flow of heavy foot traffic flatten the fibers of your carpet, but it can also dull the color of your carpet or leave a grayish looking area behind. A regular flow of dirt, dust and grime will not only do damage to the surface of your carpet, but it will also seep into the padding of your floor, and even cause foul odors to flow throughout your home. While vacuuming on a regular basis will assist in preventing these issues to occur, it is best to have your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

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The carpet in your home should be a source of comfort, luxury and décor that makes your home feel inviting. Clean and beautiful carpet will improve the look of any home and has the ability to even increase the value of a home. If the carpet in your home has taken a beating this holiday season from parties, guests and other festive events, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today. Leading Carpet Cleaning will remove stains and get your carpet back to looking like new.

Like all investments in our homes, we want them to last. Our carpets can make a home look vibrant, elegant and comfortable, or dingy, drab and unwelcoming, depending on the condition. Carpets can be quite difficult to keep in pristine condition, especially if you have a house full of little ones, pets or even clumsy adults.

Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to relate some tips and advice in the effort to help you extend the life of your carpet and keeping it clean and blemish free.

Keep as much dirt off your carpet as possible. Dirt is surprisingly the number one cause of carpet deterioration. Dirt and dust attracts dust mites, which also aid in the wear and tear. When dust and dirt accumulate, a hidden stock pile makes its way under the carpet, and even under the padding. With the traction of the dirt, and folks walking back and forth, the natural action creates a sand paper effect, and wears out your carpet. Eventually the carpet looks old, dingy, and unattractive and needs early retirement. If possible, insist everyone wipes their feet, and takes their shoes off at the door. If practical, ask them to wear socks. Avoid leaving windows and doors open on a windy day. Decrease the amount of dirt your carpets get exposed to.
Vacuum carpets often. With the related information regarding dirt, it is best to vacuum your carpets frequently. Make sure you have your vacuum setting appropriate for your style of carpet. For the high traffic areas, vacuum as needed or a minimum of 4 times a week or daily if necessary. In the places where little to no foot traffic occurs, vacuum 1-2 times a week to keep the dust off.
Attend to carpet stains as soon as possible. Whenever an accidental spill happens, it is best to tend to the stain as soon as possible. Removing the stain accordingly to the type of stain it is, can give it less of a chance to set in, and easier to lift. No matter if you choose commercial carpet cleaners, or prefer to make your own homemade cleaning solutions, always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous are to ensure the cleaner doesn’t compromise the integrity of the carpet fibers, or the color.
Rotate & Rearrange your furniture on your carpet. By rearranging your furniture periodically, you will create new foot traffic patterns, and the sun that naturally fades carpet can get evenly distributed over time. Moving the furniture will also help keep the divots from becoming too difficult to relax down the road.
Professional carpet cleaning. Hire a professional to come and clean your carpets 1-2 times a year. Even if your carpets still appear to be clean and are vibrant and stain free, a professional should still be called upon to remove the dirt that has fallen beneath the surface.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning has the expertise, and experience in efficiently cleaning carpets. Using state of the art equipment, and top of the line detergents to ensure your carpets are treated with care and still receive a deep cleaning. Call us today for an appointment.

Keeping your carpet clean this time of year can be a challenge with all of the festivities that are going on. You are probably playing host to a friendly get together, a holiday party or festive Christmas meal. With all of the food and foot traffic that will be happening in and around your home, your carpet is sure to take a serious beating this holiday season. While most carpets experience the occasional spill or pet accident, some endure much worse. There are certain spills and accidents that are harder on your carpet than others. It is important to become familiar with these types of spills so you know what the proper and appropriate action to take is.

Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal

One of the worst spills that your carpet can endure is the spill of red wine. Red wine is a great beverage to have while entertaining, calming down for the night or celebrating an important anniversary with a loved one. Unfortunately your carpet does not share your enthusiasm for red wine. Red wine that has spilled on white carpet will make any home owner cringe and be left wondering how exactly to clean up this catastrophe. When red wine spills on your carpet, time is not on your side, you must act quickly to have any chance of avoiding a permanent stain.

Cleaning Coffee Spills on Carpet

Another very much loved beverage that does not agree with your carpet is coffee. While coffee is an excellent way to get going in the mornings, it is also a great way to ruin your carpet. A coffee spill on your carpet is almost as bad as one of your kids writing on your carpet with a permanent magic marker. Coffee is dark in color and will quickly begin to seep into the fibers of your carpet and even your carpet’s padding. This will make it extremely difficult to remove, again if not quickly attended to.

How to Get Lipstick Stains out of Carpet

One of carpets worst enemies comes as a surprise to most homeowners and that enemy is lipstick. Lipstick contains a great deal of oil and wax, which are both huge culprits in destroying your carpet because the oil in lipstick immediately bonds to the carpet and enhances its staining effect. Most homeowners become immediately frustrated when attempting to clean stains like this because they only grow and spread once you start scrubbing at them.

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The best and most effective way to remove these types of spills and stains from your carpet is to call in a professional. Leading Carpet Cleaning is your number one choice for clean carpet and tough stain removal. Contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today for the best professional carpet cleaning service available.

Many people prefer the softness and luxury of carpets over other types of flooring but worry that carpet is too high maintenance and difficult to care for. The good new is with just a few simple steps, your carpet can look just like new and maintain its appearance for many, many years. Believe it or not, maintaining a clean home with clean carpet can also improve your quality of life!

The professional carpet cleaning specialists at Leading Carpet Cleaning are the experts when it comes to getting carpets clean and deodorized and have provided the following benefits and tips to keeping your carpet clean.

Cleaning your carpets can help you de-stress: Regular vacuuming of your carpets, area rugs and upholstery can become part of a calming weekly ritual to give you an opportunity to enjoy your living space, get a little exercise and leave some stress behind. Regular vacuuming will also help remove any dirt and debris that may have made its way into your carpet and area rugs. Dirt and debris that is left in your carpet can cause premature wear by damaging your carpet fibers.
Clean up carpet spills as soon as they happen: The longer a spill is allowed to remain on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove and the chance that it can leave a permanent stain increases. Save your time and your sanity by cleaning the spill as soon as it occurs.
Improve your air quality: Shoes track in dirt and grime which can cause breathing issues in family members who are susceptible, so make your home a shoe-free zone by leaving outdoor dirt and debris where it belongs.
Use Carpet Runners & Mats Inside and Outside: Use an outside mat that can allow you to brush off loose dirt from your footwear to make sure it doesn’t get tracked inside. Use an indoor mat to step on while you take your shoes off to prevent dirt and grime from sneaking in.
Don’t go barefoot on carpet: Your skin carries natural oils that can transfer to your carpet from your bare feet, leaving behind a small amount of oily residue. This residue can lead to additional soiling on your carpets, especially when the residue becomes sticky; making your carpet look and feel dirty.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Saves Cash: Extra money in the bank is always a good thing! Regular vacuuming combined with a professional carpet cleaning from Leading Carpet Cleaning can extend the life of your area rugs, carpets and upholstery so you don’t have to replace your carpets prematurely.

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If you are ready to tackle a better quality of life with clean carpets, area rugs and upholstery, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today and speak with an experienced customer service representative about our comprehensive list of carpet and rug cleaning services and visit our website for a full list of services and money saving coupons.

Carpets make up the vast majority of the living space in many homes. It is usually in all the bedrooms and the living rooms where the family spends most of their time. This also means that there is a lot of traffic from people and pets. The more traffic there is, the more chances there are for a spill to happen or an accident from your cat or dog. There is also the chance that a smoker lives in the house or smoke resulting from a recent fire. Any of these kinds of problems can end with your carpets smelling terrible. The hard part is to determine where the smell is coming from. The carpets may look clean to the naked eye, but there can be a lot that you are missing. Even if you have cleaned all the pet accidents and the spills, you could have residual smell from them for a long time.

Leading Carpet Cleaning addresses the reasons why carpet can smell and how it can be resolved with professional carpet cleaning.

Locating the Source of Carpet Smells: This is the first part of the process. You may start to recognize a smell that is unpleasant in your home. The smell can be coming from a ton of different places and one of those is your carpets. This can be caused by several different things. If you have a pet they can have an accident. Even if you get to the accident quickly and you clean it with carpet cleaner it can still have already soaked down in the padding. This is the same with any kind of spill which includes water damage. Maybe you have a washer machine malfunction or the sink overflowed. No matter the reason, the water damage can be devastating to your carpets if not treated correctly. You can also have smoke damage that can linger in the carpet fibers unless it is treated by a professional.

Professional Carpet Cleaning & Deodorization: When you hire a professional carpet cleaner make sure that you tell them that you have concern about the carpets holding odor that is making your home smell unpleasant. They can come out and help to determine the problem area. They can also pretreat these problem areas before they clean the carpets thoroughly. The carpet cleaning technician will then apply a cleaner on the carpet and with their high powered vacuuming system. The system is able to suck up all the cleaner and the moisture while pulling the odor out of the carpet fibers and the padding.

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If you are ready to have your carpets smelling and looking better call Leading Carpet Cleaning today to make an appointment.

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