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Mildew is one of the most distinguishable smells there is in your carpet. This usually happens as a result of water damage of some sort, since mildew isn’t present without moisture. It can also be a health risk if it is left alone and turns into a mold problem. Removing this odor from your carpet can be tricky, but shouldn’t be ignored. Leading Carpet Cleaning is here to talk about some methods in removing mildew odors from your carpets.

Carpet Got Wet & Smells; How to Avoid Mold & Mildew Odors

1. The first step avoiding mildew odors following water damage is to completely dry the carpet. The source of water damage must be remedied before starting this process. This is best done with dehumidifiers and industrial strength fans are set up and left for a period of time to remove any hidden moisture in the fibers of the carpet.
2. Mix your cleaning solution to ensure the carpeting is ready to deodorize. Mix a cleaning solution that consists of 1 cup white vinegar and 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle. Spray the areas where odor is present, but be careful to not oversaturate the area and cause more mold growth.
3. The areas that have been treated by the cleaning solutions should now be sprinkled generously with baking soda. Allow the baking soda to sit on the area for several hours before you vacuum it up. This will absorb the odors that are lingering after mold damage.

Cat Litter Removes Mildew Smells

Another effective tool in removing mildew odor from your carpet is cat litter. If you place several containers with cat litter throughout the area, they will absorb most of the odor over the course of time. If you live with cats, this could pose a problem. They will most likely just look at these containers as another place to go to the bathroom. Those without cats might find this method helpful.

Hydrogen Peroxide Improves Musty Mildew Odor

Hydrogen peroxide has been proven to help remove any mildew odor lingering in your carpet after water damage. Before you try this method, be sure to test an inconspicuous place on your carpet to ensure it won’t damage the fibers at all. In a spray bottle, mix 5 parts warm water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide and spray the back of the carpet. This will kill the mold spores that may be lingering in your carpeting.

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If your home has sustained water damage, the experts at Leading Carpet Cleaning have the training and resources to put your home back together. We can help you dry, clean and sanitize your carpets after a water damage emergency. If left alone, mold and mildew can have serious health risks for you and the ones you love. This is especially the case for those that suffer from respiratory illnesses. Call us today for more information on carpet odor removal.

There are many Halloween traditions that seem to involve candles. Every Halloween it seems like those candles drip or spill on your carpets and the stains they leave seem impossible to remove. This Halloween don’t have a nightmare about wax staining your carpets. Leading Carpet Cleaning will share how you can remove candle wax from your carpets.

Freeze Candle Wax & Scrape from Carpet

When candle wax drips onto your carpets you will want to act fast as the longer any stain sits on carpet, the harder it becomes to remove. When wax spills on the carpet you will want to put ice in the bag and gently place it on the wax. Let the wax freeze and harden. After a few minutes the wax should freeze up well enough to remove. Use a butter knife to scrape the majority of the wax off the carpet. Avoid using any tool with a sharpened edge to scrape the carpet as it can cut the carpet pile. Instead, use a dull knife such as the butter knife we just mentioned. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the wax pieces as you scrape them off the carpet.

Heat Candle Wax with Iron

Once most of the wax has been removed from the carpet get a brown paper bag and a clean cloth. Lay the brown bag on top of the remaining wax, and then lay the cloth over the paper bag. With a clothes iron heated to a warm setting, place the iron on top of the cloth over the spilled wax. The brown paper bag should begin to absorb the wax deeper that dripped down inside the carpet fibers. You may go through more than one paper bag depending on the size of the spill. Repeat the process until all of the wax has been removed. Depending on the type of wax, you may notice some discoloration or stain left in the carpet. You can use a foam base carpet stain remover or mix liquid dish soap with warm water and blot at the wax stain until the discoloration dissipates.

Best Way to Get Wax Out of Carpet

If you’ve discovered wax that has been setting on your carpet for hours or even days, the process is very similar, except the stain from the wax dye might be a bit more challenging to remove. After you walk through the steps of scraping the wax off and vacuuming up the pieces, follow the process above. Use the paper bag, cloth and clothing iron to melt and absorb the remainder wax out of your carpet. Now you’re left with a stain that can be stubborn to remove. Instead of using liquid dish soap and warm water, start with rubbing alcohol which works great on candle wax dye stains. When you blot at the stain, make sure you use a white cloth or paper towel. After blotting with the alcohol, rinse it out with warm water. Switch to a clean cloth and repeat the same blotting technique but with water to rinse out the alcohol.

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Candles aren’t just used during Halloween as some will enjoy the ambiance of lit candles all year long. Therefore, it is helpful to know how to deal with candle wax spill and be prepared for them when they occur. If you need help cleaning your carpet from spills or stains, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning and schedule an appointment today.

When you are looking into having new hardwood floors in your home you will be assaulted with the options that are available to you. The amount of choices that you have from wood, stain color and size are just a few choices you will have to make. It is always a great idea to talk to a professional that has expertise in hardwood floor installation. We can help guide you through the benefits of particular types of hardwood as well as the installation process.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists Some Hardwood Flooring Installation Trends for Your Home

What Hardwood Flooring Installation Method is Right?: One option that you need to determine is what installation process will be used. You may not even realize that there are more than one. There are three main types of installation that can be used. The one that is used will not always be up to you. The company that will come out will be able to look at the subflooring and make the determination. They may choose to use a glue down, nail down or even a floating installation. You may want to talk to them about what process they are using so that you know what you are dealing with.
What Hardwood Flooring Stain Color Is Right?: When you are looking at having hardwood floors installed in your home you need to choose the color. The color comes in many styles but you can start by deciding if you want a dark or light stain. The dark stain is a great option for many homes that want to show off a modern and sleek look. The dark stain comes in black, reds and browns to fit any type of décor. You want to be sure that your home has enough lighting when choosing a dark stained floor because it will darken the look. You also will be able to see the dust particles more clearly when you choose a dark stain. Light stains such as a natural wood are great for rooms or homes that are on the small side. They are also good for homes that lack in natural or artificial lighting. The light colors allows the room to open up and will remain in style. The lighter colors are great when you are trying to decide on a type of decor that you want to use. It is easy to match with many kinds of design ideas. The other option that you have is to choose a trendier look like a grey stain wood. The grey stain can be light or dark and is best in a more modern home. Although it is a more neutral shade it can work well in many types of homes. Grey stain has been a top trend for years but be aware that it could run the risk of going out of style.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning offers expert hardwood floor cleaning, installation and refinishing services. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

The upholstery in our homes is susceptible to debris buildup, stains, and odors; much like carpets. Once you have that perfect upholstery, protecting your investment is ideal. With that in mind, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to offer an upholstery spot cleaning guide in an effort to help you keep your furniture clean and crisp.

Guide for How to Clean & Care for Upholstery

1. Vacuum couches. If you are attempting to clean older stains, though fresh stains are so much easier to remove, completely dry the couch, using all the attachments to clean the crevices, cushions, and so on. Any dirt, pet hair, or other contaminates can further stain the upholstery if it is introduced to liquids.
2. Always blot stains on sofas. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing, instead, always opt to blot the spills as quickly as possible. Stain causing agents will only get pushed deeper into the soil and spread out further with the rubbing and scrubbing methods. While blotting, be sure to start on the exterior edges and work towards the center; this technique keeps it from spreading.
3. Research your upholstery fabrics. If you do not already know, find out what kind of fabric was used to make your upholstery. Common fabrics include; linen, rayon, olefin, cotton, wool, silk, acetate, and acrylic and more, additionally blends of these fabrics as well. There is also old upholstery such as antiques as well as luxury and exotic fabrics; these examples should be only cared for by a professional. All the information concerning the upholstery is printed there, if the tags are still intact.
4. Cleaning label and the codes. Typically found hanging in an inconspicuous place on the side of the furniture, or under seat cushions, the furniture industry designed care tags that instruct how upholstery is treated in code. Here are the codes and their meaning:
X: It is recommended the owner vacuum or brush the upholstery, but never use any type of upholstery cleaner on it yourself as professional cleaning is required.
WS: Depending on the type of stain, this code indicates you can clean any stains with either dry solvents or liquid cleaners.
W: Use a water based detergent for cleaning.
S: Use a water free product, such as dry cleaning solvent, for cleaning.
5. Patch test cleaners. If you are uncertain be sure to never skip the test patch of the cleaner in an inconspicuous area. Some chemicals, even natural ones, can lighten colors or damage the fabric.
6. Upholstery stain types. There are more optimal approaches for food and beverage stains, protein based stains, oil and grease stains, and other types of stains; so depending on the stain impacts which method is used.
Liquid: As mentioned before, work from stain from the outer edges towards the center and never use scrubbing or rubbing techniques. With your choice of dry paper towel or cloth, blot as much liquid as possible until no more moisture is being absorbed into your implement.
Semi-Solids or Solids: Scrape up the excess towards the center as you wipe using a blunt edge; a butter knife or a spoon, what you pick up; place it into a paper towel. Treat the liquid residue by blotting.
Dry Spills: Use the vacuum to extract the agents, repeat until gone. Avoid using water or cleaners, as it could cause it to stain.
All purpose stain remover: In a spray bottle, mix 2 parts water and 1 part white vinegar and spray the spots, blot clean. To avoid over saturating the upholstery, blot all the moisture in between applications, and repeat until stain is removed.
Protein Stains: Better treated with an enzyme cleaner if the above formula is ineffective, protein stains can be a challenge.
Greasy or Oil Stains: Generously sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch on any oily or greasy stains and leave it for 20 minutes or until dry. Once dried, vacuum the remnants. Follow up with the all purpose cleaner but add 1 tsp of liquid dishwashing soap to blot out any remaining discoloration.

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We know getting stains removed from upholstery is difficult on many different scenarios. At Leading Carpet Cleaning our experts are well trained and experienced to remove even stubborn stains. Call us today to get started.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of carpet stains, ranging from food and beverages, to household chemicals, to anything else that makes contact with carpets. These stains can make your once beautiful and vibrant carpet look dingy and unsightly. Tending to the spots the moment they happen can make them disappear without any hardship, but generally, the longer they sit the harder they become to remove. Considering that point, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to discuss the stains that have lingered on your carpet that is better for the professional to remove.

Carpet Stains Professional Carpet Cleaners Can Remove

Blood Stains: Blood is a tricky element to remove from carpet. Generally, blood tends to set into carpet longer than other stains because more often than not, the top priority is to tend to the wound. Removing the blood stains is extraordinarily difficult as it dries into the fibers and hydrogen peroxide or chemicals similar can often take the blood out, but comes with the price of altering the color. Instead of potentially ruining your carpet in an effort to remove the blood stain, contact a specialist and let them utilize specially formulated cleaners and high powered extracting equipment to successfully remove the stain without causing any damage.
Mark & Ink Stains: Whether a small child decided to add their own art to the carpet, or a marker or pen decided to bleed the ink everywhere, removing such a stain is a difficult task. The longer the ink has to set into the fibers, the more impossible it can become to remove no matter what miracle product you have at your disposal. Investing in a professional carpet stain removing service in this scenario ensures the stain is removed and the carpet is unscathed.
Pet Stains: Pet stains are of the worst to remove, not only is the stain unappealing, but the odors absorbed into the carpet fibers and padding are just as nasty if not more so. Where homeowners may get lucky removing the stain and attached odors that might have instantly taken place, the chronic accident or the stains that had a chance to linger might prove impossible to remove without professional assistance.
Coffee Stains: Coffee is among the list of stains that seem near impossible to remove. They fool you into a false sense you are improving matters as the stain lightens into a yellowish-brown stain, and like pet stains, coffee stains, especially when milk has been added, is not only awful, but incredibly pungent. To ensure the stain is appropriately removed and odors neutralized, contact a specialist.
Red Wine & Juice Stains: These stains are not already difficult to remove at first contact and fresh, but like any other agent, once it has time to dry into the fibers, to say removing them is a challenge is an understatement. Both colored juices and red wine are extremely difficult to remove, but thanks to professional grade equipment and enhanced products, professionals are generally successful at removing these stains.

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If you are experiencing any of the above listed stains or having a tough time removing any other spots from your carpets, call in the professionals of Leading Carpet Cleaning and our experts will do the rest.

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