There are lots of ways to clean all kinds of messes in your house. You might be using a sponge mop to clean your tile while your friend uses a steam mop. Some people use newspaper to get their windows clean while others choose to use a paper towel. There isn’t always a right answer when it comes to cleaning your home just what you think works best. When it comes to trying to clean stains off your carpet there is a right and a wrong way. You want to make sure that if you are working on a specific category of stain you use the right method. If you use the wrong one it can not only set the stain into the carpet it can also spread it out. There are several categories of stains and they each need to be treated in a particular way.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Outlines Different Types of Stain Removal

Sticky Chewed Gum & Candy Carpet Stains: When it comes to stains on your carpet that can be scary to find, gum is at the top of the list. Gum is actually considered a spot because it stays on the surface of the carpet and does not change the chemical component of the fibers. The same goes for your toddlers chewy candy. You want to make sure that you use the right method so that it does not get ground in further or spread out to a larger surface area. The method you want to use includes a bag of ice that you can set on the spot. This will freeze the gum which will allow you the opportunity to chip it and break it away. You want to use a plastic card or butter knife to chip away at the spot. You want to make sure that you repeat the process if needed.
Oily, Grease & Wax Carpet Spills: The next category that you may end up dealing with is oil, grease and wax. The oil and grease can easily come from foods that are greasy or tools and other equipment that you have around your home and yard. One thing that many homes have is wax that is being melted down to add a beautiful aroma to your house. The wax becomes a liquid that can end up spilling on your carpet. You need to use heat to work on this type of stain. You can use a heated iron and a brown lunch bag to remove the wax or oil. The bag soaks up the stain as the heat brings it away from the carpet fibers. You want to use caution when you use this method so that you do not overheat the spot causing damage to your carpet.
Water Soluble Carpet Spills & Stains: One of the most common stains that you will come across happens to be water soluble stains. They are things that come out of your kitchen such as soda, gravy and other foods. It can also include dirt and even chocolate which can be cleaned with a water solution. The water needs to be mixed with some dish soap and used to wash the spot followed up with the dabbing a clean cloth.

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