Worst Carpet Stains in Anaheim CA; Carpet Stain Removal Tips for Red Wine Splashes, Coffee Spills & Lipstick Smears

Keeping your carpet clean this time of year can be a challenge with all of the festivities that are going on. You are probably playing host to a friendly get together, a holiday party or festive Christmas meal. With all of the food and foot traffic that will be happening in and around your home, your carpet is sure to take a serious beating this holiday season. While most carpets experience the occasional spill or pet accident, some endure much worse. There are certain spills and accidents that are harder on your carpet than others. It is important to become familiar with these types of spills so you know what the proper and appropriate action to take is.

Red Wine Carpet Stain Removal

One of the worst spills that your carpet can endure is the spill of red wine. Red wine is a great beverage to have while entertaining, calming down for the night or celebrating an important anniversary with a loved one. Unfortunately your carpet does not share your enthusiasm for red wine. Red wine that has spilled on white carpet will make any home owner cringe and be left wondering how exactly to clean up this catastrophe. When red wine spills on your carpet, time is not on your side, you must act quickly to have any chance of avoiding a permanent stain.

Cleaning Coffee Spills on Carpet

Another very much loved beverage that does not agree with your carpet is coffee. While coffee is an excellent way to get going in the mornings, it is also a great way to ruin your carpet. A coffee spill on your carpet is almost as bad as one of your kids writing on your carpet with a permanent magic marker. Coffee is dark in color and will quickly begin to seep into the fibers of your carpet and even your carpet’s padding. This will make it extremely difficult to remove, again if not quickly attended to.

How to Get Lipstick Stains out of Carpet

One of carpets worst enemies comes as a surprise to most homeowners and that enemy is lipstick. Lipstick contains a great deal of oil and wax, which are both huge culprits in destroying your carpet because the oil in lipstick immediately bonds to the carpet and enhances its staining effect. Most homeowners become immediately frustrated when attempting to clean stains like this because they only grow and spread once you start scrubbing at them.

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