Many people prefer the softness and luxury of carpets over other types of flooring but worry that carpet is too high maintenance and difficult to care for. The good new is with just a few simple steps, your carpet can look just like new and maintain its appearance for many, many years. Believe it or not, maintaining a clean home with clean carpet can also improve your quality of life!

The professional carpet cleaning specialists at Leading Carpet Cleaning are the experts when it comes to getting carpets clean and deodorized and have provided the following benefits and tips to keeping your carpet clean.

Cleaning your carpets can help you de-stress: Regular vacuuming of your carpets, area rugs and upholstery can become part of a calming weekly ritual to give you an opportunity to enjoy your living space, get a little exercise and leave some stress behind. Regular vacuuming will also help remove any dirt and debris that may have made its way into your carpet and area rugs. Dirt and debris that is left in your carpet can cause premature wear by damaging your carpet fibers.
Clean up carpet spills as soon as they happen: The longer a spill is allowed to remain on the carpet, the harder it will be to remove and the chance that it can leave a permanent stain increases. Save your time and your sanity by cleaning the spill as soon as it occurs.
Improve your air quality: Shoes track in dirt and grime which can cause breathing issues in family members who are susceptible, so make your home a shoe-free zone by leaving outdoor dirt and debris where it belongs.
Use Carpet Runners & Mats Inside and Outside: Use an outside mat that can allow you to brush off loose dirt from your footwear to make sure it doesn’t get tracked inside. Use an indoor mat to step on while you take your shoes off to prevent dirt and grime from sneaking in.
Don’t go barefoot on carpet: Your skin carries natural oils that can transfer to your carpet from your bare feet, leaving behind a small amount of oily residue. This residue can lead to additional soiling on your carpets, especially when the residue becomes sticky; making your carpet look and feel dirty.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Saves Cash: Extra money in the bank is always a good thing! Regular vacuuming combined with a professional carpet cleaning from Leading Carpet Cleaning can extend the life of your area rugs, carpets and upholstery so you don’t have to replace your carpets prematurely.

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