Tips on Extending the Life of Your Carpet; Professional Steam Cleaning & Stain Removal in Whittier CA

Like all investments in our homes, we want them to last. Our carpets can make a home look vibrant, elegant and comfortable, or dingy, drab and unwelcoming, depending on the condition. Carpets can be quite difficult to keep in pristine condition, especially if you have a house full of little ones, pets or even clumsy adults.

Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to take the opportunity to relate some tips and advice in the effort to help you extend the life of your carpet and keeping it clean and blemish free.

Keep as much dirt off your carpet as possible. Dirt is surprisingly the number one cause of carpet deterioration. Dirt and dust attracts dust mites, which also aid in the wear and tear. When dust and dirt accumulate, a hidden stock pile makes its way under the carpet, and even under the padding. With the traction of the dirt, and folks walking back and forth, the natural action creates a sand paper effect, and wears out your carpet. Eventually the carpet looks old, dingy, and unattractive and needs early retirement. If possible, insist everyone wipes their feet, and takes their shoes off at the door. If practical, ask them to wear socks. Avoid leaving windows and doors open on a windy day. Decrease the amount of dirt your carpets get exposed to.
Vacuum carpets often. With the related information regarding dirt, it is best to vacuum your carpets frequently. Make sure you have your vacuum setting appropriate for your style of carpet. For the high traffic areas, vacuum as needed or a minimum of 4 times a week or daily if necessary. In the places where little to no foot traffic occurs, vacuum 1-2 times a week to keep the dust off.
Attend to carpet stains as soon as possible. Whenever an accidental spill happens, it is best to tend to the stain as soon as possible. Removing the stain accordingly to the type of stain it is, can give it less of a chance to set in, and easier to lift. No matter if you choose commercial carpet cleaners, or prefer to make your own homemade cleaning solutions, always conduct a patch test in an inconspicuous are to ensure the cleaner doesn’t compromise the integrity of the carpet fibers, or the color.
Rotate & Rearrange your furniture on your carpet. By rearranging your furniture periodically, you will create new foot traffic patterns, and the sun that naturally fades carpet can get evenly distributed over time. Moving the furniture will also help keep the divots from becoming too difficult to relax down the road.
Professional carpet cleaning. Hire a professional to come and clean your carpets 1-2 times a year. Even if your carpets still appear to be clean and are vibrant and stain free, a professional should still be called upon to remove the dirt that has fallen beneath the surface.

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