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If you think about the one thing that you use to clean, cook and drink you are most likely thinking about water. Water is a necessity for life to exist on the earth. It is needed for plants, animals and people and it even makes up over 70% of the earth’s surface. It may seem that water being so pure would never cause a spot on carpet and upholstery but it can. A water stain needs to be treated if you notice it on your carpet or upholstery just like any other spill. Leading Carpet Cleaning outlines what water spots and stains are, as well as the best way to clean them.

What Causes Water Spots, Stains & Watermarks on Carpet?

To understand about water leaving a spot on the carpet and upholstery you need to understand a little more about water. Water is made up of two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. They combine to form H2O and that translates into water. If the water in your home was pure, a water spot or stain would never happen but that is just not the case. As the water that is collected travels through the earth it is picking up more debris. It is full of minerals and sediment that become part of the water. This is what your city of county has to work with and they will treat the water but all the extra additives will not be removed. They also tend to add more to the water that is distributed to you such as fluoride. With these additives in the water the spill that might end up on your carpet can leave a spot. The moisture from the spill will dry out and the sediment stays behind. The spot looks like white lines that are usually around the outside of the original spill. It can be unsightly when left untreated so you need to know how to take care of it.

How Do You Get Water Stains Out of Carpet?

You may think the best way to treat a water spot on your carpet is to use some type of mild acid such as vinegar. Although this will break down the minerals and sediments it could potentially cause damage to your carpet or upholstery. There is a better process to deal with a water spot. You can use a spray bottle that is full of warm water. Spray the area and allow it to sit on the spot for about 30 seconds. After it is allowed to sit you need to do something to agitate the sediment. You can use your hands or a soft brush to move it around. After it is ready to remove you can use a wet/dry vac to pull up the water and the sediment. The spot should be gone.

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If you are struggling to get rid of water spots or any other spots you want to contact a professional carper cleaner like Leading Carpet Cleaning. We have the tools and capability to come out and treat all the spots on your carpet and upholstery. Call us today!

Not all homeowners think to get their home’s dryer vent or air ducts cleaned. This can be due to the “out of sight out of mind” mentality or simply just not important to their home’s function. However, leaving dirty dryer vents or air ducts can have a major effect on a home. For those who haven’t had their dryer or air vents cleaned, Leading Carpet Cleaning will share what you have been missing and how it can benefit your home.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Helps Prevent Home Fires

Cleaning your home’s dryer vent or vents can have a major impact on your home. It can save money and lives. Dryer vents left uncleaned can be potentially hazardous. It is no secret that residential fires are often caused by clogged dryer vents. When dryer vent fill with lint, it can cause the dryer to overheat. As the dryer overheats it can begin to burn the lint. Lint is extremely flammable and once a small ember gets started, the entire vent can catch a blaze leading to the entire house burning down. This is one of the biggest reasons why a dryer vent should always be kept cleaned. Another major issue with dirty or clogged dryer vents is poor air flow or air circulation. It can take the dryer a long time to dry the clothes, and in some cases, multiple cycles to dry a single load of laundry. This can affect the dryer’s efficiency and lead to additional cost. Dryers are one of the more energy heavy appliances in your home and can cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year due to poor efficiency. To help maintain you dryer’s efficiency and save you money on your energy bill, keep the dryer vents cleaned.

Air Duct Cleaning Improves Indoor Air Quality

Air Ducts have a number of issues that can be resolved by having your air ducts cleaned. Air ducts can develop mold, mildew and a buildup of dirt inside the duct work. Additionally, some pests often crawl inside air duct systems and leave behind feces, dander, or skin flakes. All can lead to indoor allergies that can affect those with sensitive immune systems. Additionally, the dirt in the air ducts can cause dust inside the home. Have you ever cleaned your home and not but a few minutes later there was dust again? It’s not your cleaning skills, but your air ducts. As the air conditioner or heater is running, it is circulating air into the various rooms in your home and the dust is coming out with the air, causing frequent dust. By having the air ducts cleaned, you can improve your home’s air quality and cleanliness. Dirty air ducts can also lead to poor efficiency. Like dryer vents, air ducts can also cause poor efficiency. However, it is minor. But minor efficiency still adds up over time, costing you more to cool or heat your home.

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Clean dryer vents and air ducts can help save lives and money and benefit the entire home. By having your air ducts cleaned every three to five years can improve your home’s air quality, save you money and prevent hazardous conditions. Leading Carpet Cleaning provides dryer vent and air duct cleaning along with many other services. Contact Leading Carpet Cleaning to schedule our services today.

You may have heard over the years that you should replace your mattress every eight years. Have you ever wondered if this is a true statement? The Better Sleep Council does indeed recommend replacing your mattress every 7-10 years. The reason that they give a range of years is because it depends on how you take of your mattress, how often you sleep on it, and how often you take the time to rotate it. So if your mattress is ready to replace how on earth do you know which one to pick?

Mattress Buying Guide; How to Choose the Best Mattress

With so many mattresses on the market it can seem impossible to know which one will be the best fit for you. We have some tips for you today on how to make your selection.
Research: Since a mattress is a larger purchase you do not want to have to purchase again soon because the one that you purchased just isn’t comfortable. Do your research before you start shopping. You will want to know what your personal needs are and what your budget is before heading out to the store. There are many different mattress sizes and types to be considered.
Reviews: There are many sites that you can go on to find reviews for mattresses. You will want to make sure that you read reviews from a website that you trust. Some websites pay the people that review their products and so the reviews are not as accurate. Reading reviews will help you see what types of mattresses other people have like or disliked and what their reasons were.
Store selection: There are so many stores that sell mattresses. You can purchase mattresses at furniture stores, department stores, sleep specialty stores, and online retailers. You will want to choose a store that can provide you with the information and customer service that you need and deserve. The salespeople at the store can be a wealth of knowledge. When you are at the store you will want to ask questions and expect detail explanations when needed. If your salesperson is not providing excellent customer service, try a different store.
Take the S.L.E.E.P. Test: The Better Sleep Council recommends taking your mattress for a test drive before making your purchase. When you have found a few mattresses that you are considering, try them out. To implement the S.L.E.E.P. test you do the following:
o Select a mattress.
o Lie down in your typical sleep position.
o Evaluate the level of comfort and support.
o Educate yourself about each selection.
o Partners should test beds together.
The Better Sleep Council recommends taking up to 15 minutes on each mattress that you are considering purchasing. The more time that you take in selecting your mattress, the more likely you are to be satisfied with your purchase.

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Once you have completed the steps above you can feel more confident with your purchase because you will have taken the time to truly make an educated decision. After all you are going to have this mattress for the next 7-10 years! Leading Carpet Cleaning wants to remind you that no matter what mattress you select, you make sure that you properly maintain your mattress. You should wash your sheets every week, vacuum the mattress and box spring each month, and have a deep professional mattress cleaning every year. Give Leading Carpet Cleaning a call today to schedule your next mattress cleaning.

Facing the realization that you are allergic to one of your favorite loved ones can be a tough pill to swallow. Discovering your allergy to your kitty or pup friend can be difficult to manage. Where some can control the dander to an extent, others have it so severe they have no choice but to rehome their furry friends. In an effort to help those who want to make the relationship work, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to offer some tips to managing the pet dander left behind by your dog or cat to minimize the allergy effects.

Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Dander & Relieving Allergy Symptoms

Removing dander from the home is near impossible but you can significantly reduce it. Minimizing the amount left in the nooks and crevices is the goal as the more that accumulates for longer periods of time can trigger your allergies more frequently and keep the symptoms from clearing up. Pet dander is a stubborn protein-substance that sticks and settles everywhere. Maintaining your home is the primary contributor to reducing the pet dander; below are the basic points.
Wash hard surfaces regularly. The walls, tabletops, baseboards, countertops, and other hard surfaces need to be washed with hot soapy water periodically. On wood surfaces and such, a multi-purpose surface cleaner can also be used to wipe away the dander and keep it from spreading.
Curtains and upholstery need routine cleaning. Our pets indulge sleeping, sitting, and lounging on the furniture, even if it must be done behind your back. To control the daily dander, a lint brush works well. Additionally, vacuum the upholstery once a week to remove the dander left behind. Curtains should also be washed according to the directions because the dander clings to them as well. A professional upholstery cleaning should be conducted 1-2 times a year to remove the buildup that has penetrated below the surface.
Carpets and rugs require daily vacuuming. Hiding right beneath your feet, there is most likely plenty of dander building up on the carpets and rugs. To help keep the dander from being released back into the air, invest in a double or micro filter High Efficiency Particulate Arrestin bag vacuum. Vacuuming should be done on a daily basis or as often as possible. Additionally, carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to help control the dander that manages to elude the vacuum.
Dogs and cats need maintenance too. To reduce the dander supply in the home, control the dander at its source. Despite that most of our fur babies despise bath time and would sooner give you the silent treatment, giving your cat or dog a bath every so often will help prevent a lot of the dander from landing on varied surfaces throughout your home. Additionally, a healthy diet that promotes healthy skin and fur will cut down the dander. Food with Omega 3 fatty acids is ideal but don’t hesitate to ask your vet’s advice on the matter.

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In an effort to help you maintain your home from pet dander, call Leading Carpet Cleaning today for the upholstery, carpet, and rug deep cleaning.

If you open your cupboards and look at the amount of cleaners that you have it may astonish you. There are certain sprays for windows and mirrors and another for the bathroom sink. You also have options on how to clean stains on your carpet and polish for your wood furniture. When it comes to your tile floors there are ways to clean them too. It really depends on what type of tile you have. Tile is a generic term that can include stone or even porcelain. They each should be cleaned in a particular way but one thing that they all have in common is the grout. The grout is part of the installation of the tile and seals all the gaps in-between each piece. The grout is placed after the tile and is pressed in to also keep moisture from getting under. The grout is porous and can be stained if juice or other debris is left on it. The grout is part of the tile that needs to be cleaned on their own and with particular methods. When you run the mop you are leaving dirt and debris in the grooves of the grout. This means that the grout is not actually being cleaned.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Outlines the Easiest Ways to Get Your Grout Cleaned

Use Hot Water Only to Clean Grout: When you are ready to clean your grout be ready for a major undertaking. Cleaning the grout is usually a large area and you have to clean each area little by little. Depending in how much tile you have the cleaning may take some serious amount of time. If your grout is not too dirty or there are not a lot of stains you can use hot water and a toothbrush. Fill some hot water up in spray bottle and use it on the area that you want to start cleaning. Then use the toothbrush or soft bristle brush and scrub the grout lines. You can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the area after you have cleaned it. This will only be effective if the grout is still fairly clean.
Cleaning Grout with Baking Soda: The next options that you have when you are trying to clean your grout is to use hot water and baking soda. If your grout has some stains from spills this may be a good option to try. You want to fill your same spray bottle with hot water and spray areas. Then use the baking soda on these areas and allow it to work for a few minutes. Then you can use the toothbrush to scrub the spots taking special care on the stained parts. You can use a wet then dry rag to try and clean up any left over cleaner and water after you have scrubbed.
Hot Water, Baking Soda, Lemon & Vinegar Grout Cleaning Solution: If you are really concerned about the cleanliness of your grout you can use a mixture of hot water, baking soda, lemon juice and vinegar. This needs to be used sparingly and wiped away after you have scrubbed the area. Spray the grout then immediately scrub with a toothbrush. Then wipe off quickly before it has time to damage the grout or the tile.

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The easiest and best way to clean grout is to hire a professional tile and grout cleaning company. Leading Carpet Cleaning can come out to clean the grout for you so that you can spend your time taking care of other chores. Call us today to make an appointment.

There are lots of ways to clean all kinds of messes in your house. You might be using a sponge mop to clean your tile while your friend uses a steam mop. Some people use newspaper to get their windows clean while others choose to use a paper towel. There isn’t always a right answer when it comes to cleaning your home just what you think works best. When it comes to trying to clean stains off your carpet there is a right and a wrong way. You want to make sure that if you are working on a specific category of stain you use the right method. If you use the wrong one it can not only set the stain into the carpet it can also spread it out. There are several categories of stains and they each need to be treated in a particular way.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Outlines Different Types of Stain Removal

Sticky Chewed Gum & Candy Carpet Stains: When it comes to stains on your carpet that can be scary to find, gum is at the top of the list. Gum is actually considered a spot because it stays on the surface of the carpet and does not change the chemical component of the fibers. The same goes for your toddlers chewy candy. You want to make sure that you use the right method so that it does not get ground in further or spread out to a larger surface area. The method you want to use includes a bag of ice that you can set on the spot. This will freeze the gum which will allow you the opportunity to chip it and break it away. You want to use a plastic card or butter knife to chip away at the spot. You want to make sure that you repeat the process if needed.
Oily, Grease & Wax Carpet Spills: The next category that you may end up dealing with is oil, grease and wax. The oil and grease can easily come from foods that are greasy or tools and other equipment that you have around your home and yard. One thing that many homes have is wax that is being melted down to add a beautiful aroma to your house. The wax becomes a liquid that can end up spilling on your carpet. You need to use heat to work on this type of stain. You can use a heated iron and a brown lunch bag to remove the wax or oil. The bag soaks up the stain as the heat brings it away from the carpet fibers. You want to use caution when you use this method so that you do not overheat the spot causing damage to your carpet.
Water Soluble Carpet Spills & Stains: One of the most common stains that you will come across happens to be water soluble stains. They are things that come out of your kitchen such as soda, gravy and other foods. It can also include dirt and even chocolate which can be cleaned with a water solution. The water needs to be mixed with some dish soap and used to wash the spot followed up with the dabbing a clean cloth.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning offers services to treat for unwanted stains on your carpet. Call us today to have a technician sent out to your house.

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