What is Making Tile Floors Black & Dirty? How to Clean Ceramic Tile Floors in Sherman Oaks, CA

When it comes to flooring there are several types that can be used in a home. Some of the most common types of flooring you might find in a home is carpet, hardwood, stone and tile floors. Each of these types of flooring need to be cared for with a particular type of cleaning method. If you want your floors looking good there are several levels of cleaning that need to take place. One is that you need to have a daily plan for all flooring types that need to be done as well as a deeper cleaning. When you care for the flooring in your home they will last a lot of time and look great. The cost to replace the floor is much more than if you were to just care for them and clean them. Cleaning a tile floor takes a good amount of effort to make sure that you have a streak free finish.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Offers Tips On Keeping Your Ceramic Tile Floors Clean

What is Making Your Tile Floors Black & Dirty: There are several things that can be making your floors dirty. The first happens to be the dirt and dust that gets brought into the house from people and pets that live there. It can be on their clothes and of course their shoes. The dirt is something that will start to collect and many times line the grout of the tile. The other problem comes when you have spills on the floors. Most people know that when something spills on the carpet you have to move quickly to clean it up. The same actually goes when you have ceramic tile. The spills can cause a stain to appear on the tile and the grout as well. It can also cause some damage to the tile and grout if there is acid in the spill. You need to keep spills under control and cleaned right away.
Sweep Ceramic Tile Floors: When you are ready to get your tile floors clean it is extremely important to have your floors swept. You need to get all the dirt and debris off the floors before you add any cleaning solution. You can use a broom to sweep up the mess and dustpan it. You can also use a vacuum to clean the tile floors as well. If you vacuum you need to make sure that you have a setting on your vacuum for hard floors.
Cleaning with a Mopping Solution: After the floors are swept and cleaned properly you want to mop the floors. You can use a cleaning solution that you make at your home. Get a bucket and add a gallon of warm water. Then mix a cup of white vinegar into the bucket and you can start to mop the floor. This is a great cleaning solution to use if you want a streak free finish. You want to be sure that you rinse out the mop regularly to ensure that the dirt is not being spread around.

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