Wood Floor Cleaning Guide in Brea, CA; How to Clean & Take Care of Old Hardwood Floors

When it comes to hardwood floors, people want them in their homes for the simple maintenance, durability, and beauty. The versatility allows them to be incorporated into nearly any room and with almost every interior design style. With hardwood floors, however, is important the care and maintenance you provide is diligent. With that in mind, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to share some basic maintenance and damage prevention tips to keep your floors looking amazing and lasting well beyond their projected life expectancy.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Hardwood floors require daily surface cleaning, and spot cleaning to maintain their shine and condition.
1) Hardwood floors can be impacted by dirt, dust, and other debris. As it accumulates in conjunction with traffic, the surface will wear down, as the finish diminishes and the top layer scratches. Ensuring the debris is removed daily from the surface is crucial to the care of the wood floor. A dust mop, a vacuum designed for hard surfaces or the option for the bare floor setting, or soft-bristle broom can all effectively remove the filth off the floor. Whichever implement is best for you, ensure to thoroughly clean the floor, including the edges and corners.
2) With a clean water damp microfiber cloth, wipe away any spots or sticky residues and promptly follow up with a dry microfiber cloth to remove the lingering moisture.
3) Only use cleaners and aids that are specifically designed for to the type of wood floor and finish in your home if you ever need to revitalize the floor or clean more serious buildup.

Hardwood Floor Preventive Maintenance

Avoiding any agents or implements that can cause damage to the floors is just as important as the cleaning. Moisture and abrasive cleaners, cleaning aids, and other implements should stay away from the wood flooring.
1) Forbidden on your wood floors is moisture of any kind. Substances that have moisture need to stay clear from the color and if they make contact, instant action is required. Dry microfiber cloths need to be used to wipe up any accidents. Even short term exposure to moisture can cause residual effects.
2) Consider UV film treatments, custom blinds, curtains and drapes on your windows, especially on the windows that permit the sun’s rays from penetrating inside. Direct sunlight can cause your wood floor’s finish to fade and the planks to dry out.
3) To contain the filth and moisture, protect your hardwood floors with area rugs, runners, and walk-off mats around the entry points and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. Vacuum the rugs daily and the back of them weekly.
4) Don’t wear spiked shoes on the floor to avoid potential damage; for example high heel shoes and cleats.
5) Pets track in dirt and debris and their claws can scratch the wood surface. Protect your wood floors and pets happier with regular shampooing and get their nails trimmed.
6) Your home’s humidity levels should optimally be between 35% and 55% to avoid the wood floor from shrinkage effects.

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