How to Clean & Remove Old Printer, Gel, Ballpoint Ink Stains from Carpet in Orange, CA

Ink stains on your carpet that comes from broken pens or even broken sharpies or markers can leave a person with two questions. One is how in the world did ink get on your carpet in the first place, and two, can the stains be removed? Leading Carpet Cleaning is able to answer one of those questions for you. We will share how you can remove the ink stain out of your carpets. Like any other stain, there are a few ways you can remove ink stains. Leading Carpet Cleaning will share two different methods on how to remove ink stains to help guarantee success.

How Do You Get Ink Stains Out of Carpet

Method 1. Hair Spray
This first method is to use hair spray. Get at least two cans of a lacquer hair spray. Start by spraying the hair spray onto the stain. The hair spray should help soften up the ink to make it easier to remove. Give the hair spray a few minutes to allow the ink to soften, then using a white cloth or towel blot at the stain. Refrain from scrubbing once the ink is softened, as you can actually spread the ink making the stain worse. Repeat using the hair spray and blot at the stain until it disappears. Once the stain is gone, and the carpet is dry, vacuum the area to remove the hair spray and restore your carpet pile. It the vacuum didn’t remove the hair spray you may need to rinse the area with cold water. Dip a clean white cloth in cold water and blot at the areas to remove the hair spray, and then allow the area to dry. Once again vacuum to restore the carpet pile.
Method 2. Alcohol and Hair Spray
Similar to the first method, you will use a non-oily hair spray with the aid of rubbing alcohol for more stubborn stains. First apply a small amount of the hair spray onto the stain and then pour rubbing alcohol over it. Allow the two to set on the ink for a few minutes, again to help soften the ink. Next, lightly blot at the stain with a white cloth. As you blot you will begin to see the ink transfer from the carpet to the cloth. You may need to use different points of the cloth to prevent spreading the ink. As the stain begins to disappear, you will need to rinse the area with lukewarm water. Again, dip a clean white cloth in lukewarm water and blot at the area. Once the affected area is completely dry, use the vacuum to restore the carpet pile.

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Depending on the types of ink that has stained your carpet; the stain may not completely disappear. However both methods should help reduce the appearance of the stains greatly. As an example, permanent markers are actually permanent and can’t be completely removed. However, you can at least reduce the appearance of the stain. Leading Carpet Cleaning provides a wide range of services from carpet cleaning to hardwood floors, area rugs, tile to upholstery cleaning. We also specialize in dryer and air duct cleaning along with mattress cleaning. If our services can help you, don’t hesitate to contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today.

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