No matter how careful you are with your carpets, there is always going to be some spills that will turn into a stain. When there is a stain on the carpet it can be a real eyesore and cleaning them can be difficult especially if you wait too long. The longer the stain sits, the harder it will be to clean out of the carpet fibers. The best method to remove a stain of any kind is to do it as soon as possible and to have a professional carpet cleaner come out and treat the stains and the carpets on a regular basis.

Leading Carpet Cleaning has the most common stains and how to clean and remove them.

Removing kool Aid, Red Juice and Wine stains on carpets: This is a common stain that is found on carpets. This stain can be from a spilled drink from a child or form someone during a party. It can also be an accidental spill from something getting knocked off the table. A red juice stain is very hard to remove and that is why it is a common stain. Other colored juice spills can be removed much easier bit the red dye that is used in the drinks makes it much more difficult to remove from the carpet fibers.
Removing Pet Stains and Odors: This is another very common kind of stain that is found on pet owners carpets all over the US. The stains can be from urine or feces that has been left by a dog or cat and has gotten into the fibers of the carpet. The stain may not be very dark but with it comes odor as well that can be very hard to take care of. The pet accidents need to be treated as soon as possible to ensure that they are completely gone.
Coffee Spills Can Stain Your Carpet: Lots of people sit on the couch to enjoy a morning cup of coffee. The problem is that many times the coffee mug is dropped or bumped off the table and the contents spills onto the carpeting. The problem is that the coffee and even tea will start to stain the carpet right away and people even use tea as a way to stain and color clothes and other fabrics.
All of these stains if left unattended and not treated can lead to a bad stain that sets into the carpet fibers and even the padding. The best way to remove these stains whether they are new or old is to call a carpet cleaning specialist to treat the stains and clean the carpets and rugs.

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