Should You Have Your Rugs Cleaned Along With Your Carpets?

If you are like most Americans that use area rugs to add some level of fun and pizzazz to your home then you need to know about having them cleaned. A rug is a great addition to any room and can add your own personal flavor to a room as well as protect an area of carpet from damage and spills. Many people use rugs on tile and hardwood floored areas but also on areas that are carpeted as well. There are several types of rugs and styles that you can choose from but they each have one thing in common they need to be cleaned. Just like your carpet and floor collects dust and dirt the rugs do too. There are many people that assume that when you have your carpets cleaned the best thing to do is to take the rugs and roll them up and move them out of the area. This is a terrible idea.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists Why Having Your Rugs Cleaned Along With Your Carpets is a Great Idea.

The Rugs Are Dirty: The biggest reason that you want to have your rugs cleaned is because they are dirty. The rugs are what are laid on top of the carpet and that means that it is collecting the dirt that the carpet would have gotten. The rugs are just like a carpet because they are made from carpet fibers that are woven together to make the rug. It seems that people are more likely to drag dirt in if it is a rug too.
Don’t Skip The Rug Cleaning: This is a crucial part of carpet cleaning. If you take a rug that has been used and walked all over and roll it up to have your carpets cleaned you are doing a disservice and wasting the carpet cleaning that you are paying good money for. When you decide to roll up the rug that is dirty you are rolling all the dirt up with it. Then you pay to have a professional clean your carpets and after they have dried you unroll the same dirty rug and set it down. You can see now how this will turn into a major mess. The dirt that was on the rug is then drug from the rug to the freshly cleaned carpet.

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