Hardwood floors are a great option for flooring in any home. Hardwood is a beautiful and easy to care for floor but you need to be careful so they are not being damaged. The floors are normally a natural wood and that means they can be damaged by simple everyday life. When hardwood is installed, the pieces are manufactured with a color and clear coat that helps to protect the floors from normal wear and tear. As long as you are taking care of the floors and having them cleaned on a regular basis and refinished when necessary they can last a long time. There are several ways that your floors can be damaged and that means that you have to have them repaired or refinished more often.

Leading Carpet Cleaning lists ways you could be damaging your hardwood floors.

Dirty Shoes Will Scratch Hardwood Floors: When you walk into the house with your shoes on, the floors can be damaged. The bottom of your shoes are full of fine dirt that is going to act like sandpaper on your hardwood. Just imagine taking a piece of sandpaper to any piece of wood and it will cause it to be roughed up. The best way to remove this problem is to have a welcome mat on the floor and make sure that you use it. This will help to remove the dirt from the bottom of your shoes and that can save your floors.
Don’t Secure Your Rugs to Hardwood Floors: This is hard for most people because no one wants to have their rugs out of place. Try to resist the urge to tac them down with tape or any other adhesive. Let the rug slide when it needs to. This will stop the traction on the rug which can start to wear out the spots on the floors. The other problem with using tape is that when you go to remove it you can possibly remove the finish on the floors.
Use The Correct Hardwood Floor Cleaner: This is a big way that floors are being damaged. If you are using a cleaner that is all wrong for the floors it could be causing damage to the floors. A cleaner can also take off the finish in the floors which makes them needing to be refinished sooner than the average.

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