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The holiday season brings extra foot traffic through your home and with it comes an additional serving of dirt, dust and grime that will attack the surface of your carpet. Heavy foot traffic can take quite a toll on your carpet and lead to permanent stains, carpet rippling, tears and other unsightly issues that will make your carpet unattractive, dirty and look drab. While a socks only policy will always assist in lengthening the life of your carpet, it will not completely protect it from the spills and accidents that will occur throughout the year.

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning

Pet accidents, food and drink spills and dirt from the outside will leave your carpet in bad shape. When a flow of heavy foot traffic is added to that equation, you may be replacing your carpet sooner than you had planned. One result of heavy foot traffic that can occur is dark shaded areas in the areas that are walked on the most. These can be common hallways and pathways as well as areas in front of couches where people rearrange their feet. When your carpet gets dark stains, it can be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

Carpet Stain & Odor Removal

Heavy foot traffic will flatten the fibers of your carpet and can leave certain areas flatter than others, leaving your carpet totally unattractive. Not only does a steady flow of heavy foot traffic flatten the fibers of your carpet, but it can also dull the color of your carpet or leave a grayish looking area behind. A regular flow of dirt, dust and grime will not only do damage to the surface of your carpet, but it will also seep into the padding of your floor, and even cause foul odors to flow throughout your home. While vacuuming on a regular basis will assist in preventing these issues to occur, it is best to have your carpet regularly cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service.

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The carpet in your home should be a source of comfort, luxury and d├ęcor that makes your home feel inviting. Clean and beautiful carpet will improve the look of any home and has the ability to even increase the value of a home. If the carpet in your home has taken a beating this holiday season from parties, guests and other festive events, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today. Leading Carpet Cleaning will remove stains and get your carpet back to looking like new.

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