Tips for How to Clean an Area Rug in Brea, CA; Vacuum, Shampoo, Remove Stains & More

Area rugs are often used to bring a little comfort and more color to a room. As they get dirty and are filled with stains, it is time for them to get cleaned. Cleaning an area rug can be a lot of work and depending on the type of rug, very difficult to clean. For those who need help or are looking for a few tips in cleaning their area rug, Leading Carpet Cleaning has your back. We will share a few rug cleaning tips and methods to help keep your home’s area rugs cleaner longer.

Vacuum Area Rugs

First, it is important to vacuum the rug first. You will want to remove as much dirt and hair and pet dander as possible before washing or cleaning the rug. If possible you will want to take your rug outside to a flat and waterproof or solid surface such as a patio or driveway.

Area Rug Shampoo

You can use a commercial shampooer that is designed for rugs. Make sure you follow all of the manufactures directions, especially what cleaning solutions can be used for rugs inside the machine. You can use a simple homemade cleaner, mixing together warm water (not hot), and liquid dish soap. Never use hot water on any rug as it can cause it to shrink. Additionally, always test any cleaner on the rug in a small spot first to make sure the rug doesn’t fade or become discolored. If you’re using the homemade mixture, and are going to clean the rug by hand, use a sponge or soft bristled brush. Dip your tool into the mixture and then apply it to the rug. Avoid over soaking the rug. Blot the cleaner gently onto the stains and let the mixture set for five minutes. You may need to lightly scrub the rug to help loosen the stain out. After cleaning the stains, you will want to rinse the rug. Using a garden hose, rinse the entire rug out. After rinsing the rug out thoroughly, use a shop vacuum or also known as a wet and dry vacuum to suck out the water from the rug. You won’t be able to remove all of the water from the rug. Your goal is just to remove as much as possible. Allow the rug to dry completely before you bring it back inside the home. You may need to flip it over to help air out the underside of the rug.

How to Remove New & Old Stains from Area Rugs

It is better to clean the small minor stains as they occur. For Persian or exotic style rugs, it is strongly recommended that you use a professional. Rugs are made of many different types of materials and fabrics and each has its own needs. If you use the wrong cleaner or wrong temperature, it can damage the rug. Maintain the rug by vacuuming and attending to stains as they occur. This can help keep the rug in better condition and of course cleaner. For deep area rug cleaning you can also leave that to the professionals.

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