Summer Carpet Damage in Buena Park, CA; Mold & Bacteria, Sun Fading, High Traffic & More

Few consider how the summer months impact our carpets. We are too busy scheduling the summer vacation, activities, and other fun that comes with summer and warm weather. Knowing how the summer can have negative effects on the carpets can give you the upper hand with enough notice. To help avoid the impact of summer on carpets, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to share the likely dangers summer can bring.

Impact of Summer on Carpet

1) Mold, Germs, Bacteria & Microbe Growth. The summer months create the right conditions to produce mold, mildew, and other bacteria. The summer heat and the inevitable moisture trapped in the carpets produce optimal sustenance. Carpets are often riddled with mold spores, mildew and other forms of bacteria. With the heat from hot summers and the moisture from pool fun, water activities, or summer rain, will easily produce mold and mildew growth. Mold does especially well in darkness, many times the mold growth occurs under the carpets and many homeowners do not realize the mold until it has done extensive damage. To prevent the mold and mildew growth, try to keep your home dry using dehumidifiers. When the kids play in pool or water games, ensure they dry before coming inside or they directly shower and dry out before lounging on the carpet. If water or any liquid makes contact with the carpet, quickly towel-dry the area. Make certain the windows are securely closed during the summer rainstorm.
2) Pests & Allergens in Carpets. Allergens are at high volume during the summer months and the pests are very active. Both of these nuisances have a tendency to easily make their way into our homes in an endless amount of different ways. The carpets harbor these unfortunate invaders more so in the summer than the rest of the year. Routine vacuuming can collect a lot of allergens and insects that make their way in, change the air filters regularly, and keep the lawn, shrubs, and trees trimmed and pruned away from the house to help reduce the volume of both pests and allergens.
3) Sun Fading of Carpet. The sun’s direct sunlight fade the carpet’s color. The intensity of the UV rays is more so in the summer and as they shine through the window the carpets slowly damage and the colors fade. Carpets fading and sun dried make it look dull and dingy. Though it’s not obvious, when the furniture is moved, the comparison is obvious. To avoid the direct sunlight from blazing through the windows invest in window treatments such as curtains, drapes, blinds, and/or UV films to preserve the carpets color and integrity. Also, moving the furniture around every so often to even the wear helps as well.
4) Extra Foot Traffic on Carpet. Foot traffic increases in the summer months between the kids being home and the additional visitors that frequently stop by. With more foot traffic becomes more abuse and more dirt and debris that get tracked in. If not managed, the carpets can take toll. To control the dirt and debris put outdoor walk-off mats at the doors and sweep them off regularly. Place indoor mats and runners and implement a “no shoes worn on carpet” rule. Vacuum daily and be sure to maintain your vacuum.

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With professional deep cleaning, the deep root dirt and debris is extracted, along with allergens, pollutants, insects, insect eggs, stains, and odors to ensure your carpets are equally beautiful throughout the summer. Call Leading Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your comprehensive carpet cleaning service!

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