As wood floors age, the wood often begins to dry out and look somewhat weathered. This is natural and can be avoided with regular care and proper maintenance. However, for those who have had the unfortunate experience of moving into a home with old dull wood floors or couldn’t keep up on the wood maintenance, you don’t need to replace the wood floors; they can be revived. Leading Carpet Cleaning will share how you can bring old dull hardwood floor back to life.

Deep Clean Hardwood Floors

To begin your journey in reviving your hardwood floors, start with cleaning the floor’s surface. Make sure to thoroughly sweep or even vacuum the floor to remove all of the dirt and debris. You want the floor surface completely free of dirt and dust, or you can create a bigger problem as you clean the floors. Depending on severity of the wood’s condition, it will depend on what will be needed to revive the wood. In extreme cases, such as the wood floor is splitting, and has deep scratches or divots, it is strongly recommended you have a professional come and refinish you hardwood floors. If the wood looks old and dull with mild scratches, then you can use a commercial cleaning solvent to help repair and clean the wood. One that is often recommended is Bona or Rejuvenate which are hardwood cleaners. They do a great job cleaning wood, and even filling in mild scratches in the floor. Most hardwood floor cleaning solvents are in a spray bottle or can be mixed in a mop bucket with water. Depending on the solvent you choose, follow the manufactures directions for proper use. With your preferred cleaning solvent, begin cleaning the surface. Use a hardwood floor mop with a soft pad to prevent further scratches. Never use anything to rough on hardwood floors. Depending on how old or dried out the wood may be, you may need to clean over the surface two to three times to fully remove and penetrate the grain of the wood. After the wood floor has been thoroughly cleaned, you will want to seal or polish the surface of the wood. When polishing the wood make sure you are using a polish or buffing pad at the end of the mop. You will have a number of commercial products for sealing or polishing hardwood floors, again some of the top recommended products are Rejuvenate, Bona, Zep, or Mega are also good brands for reviving old dull wood floors. With your preferred polish or sealer, you will want to apply as directed. With your mop and a buff pad you will want to work your way out of the room to prevent walking on the wet solvents. Often two coats are needed to bring the wood to a prefect shine. However in the end, the results are worth it. Make sure you let each coat completely dry before applying the next coat along with moving in furniture.

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If you’re have a difficult time reviving your hardwood floors, they are not lost quite yet. They may need the aid of a professional hardwood floor cleaner or refinishing service. Leading Carpet Cleaning can help bring old dull wood floors back to life. If you need our services, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today!