Reasons to Clean Carpet & Avoid Ruining it in North Tustin, CA; Daily Vacuuming & Professional Cleaning

Without proper care and maintenance, nothing will last and carpets are not the exception. After investing in carpets, depending on the quality of the manufacturing and the routine care and maintenance the carpet receives, dictates the projected lifespan. Lack of professional services and owner’s neglectful ways, will result in the carpets untimely need for replacement. Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to list the most common outcomes of what happens when the carpets are neglected.

Why Carpet Cleaning is Important

Drop in the Rooms Overall Appearance: People take in the whole picture when entering a room from top to bottom. No matter how pristine and clean the room is, poorly kept and maintained carpets will instantly make the room look like a disheveled mess.
Colors and Texture is Altered: People generally pick carpets because the color and/or patterns fit with the established décor and the softness is especially comfortable. When carpets are vacuumed little or not at all the layers of debris comprises the feel and colors. The carpets look dull and dingy and the fibers are coarse and matted. Additional damage continues to develop as the carpets are more neglected.
Carpet Lifespan is Decreased: As previously mentions, carpets can lose their longevity if care and maintenance are not up to par. Carpets should be vacuumed daily, stains immediately treated and professional services retained 1-2 times a year.
Trapped Debris & Residues: There is a plethora of debris that accumulates on the carpets. A few examples of the substances include dirt, food residues and crumbs, dead skin cells, shed hair, and pet dander. As the particles, contaminates, allergens, and residues build up, the more they will be trapped within the fibers as the layers continue to grow. In a short amount of time the carpets will look dingy and dull and start to distort.
Pungent Carpets: Attached to the stains and debris are odors. When the carpets are not properly treated and vacuumed, and they go years without professional cleaning, the odors continue to get stronger. In some cases, homeowners may not even realize the pungency about them but guests are instantly assaulted by the stench.
Spreading of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses: Germs, bacteria, and viruses have a number of ways they are spread; through direct contact, airborne, and so on. The odds of these contagions settling on the surface of your carpets are pretty high. According to research, there is potentially up 200,000 of bacterium per square inch can be found in dirty carpets, and E.Coli or Salmonella is common.
Carpet Mold & Microbe Growth: Organisms such as mold spores and mildew for example, are highly likely on the carpets. Without removing them with vacuuming and disinfecting the carpets with a professional cleaning, these spores can take seed and spread in little time under the right conditions. Warmth and moisture can let mold consume materials including the carpets, carpet padding, subfloor, and it can even spread to baseboards and the wall if left untreated. Looking like a biohazard zone, the smell, and expedited deterioration along with health risks are all derived from mold.
Insect Infesting Carpets: Triggering allergies and asthma attacks as well as contributing to other health risks, insects can infest your carpets without you realizing it. Fleas, ticks, ants, and dust mites are just a few of the common examples of insect infestations that can occur in the carpets. They can eat, reproduce, and die for generations if the carpets re left neglected for too long.

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To avoid these atrocities, be sure to vacuum daily, treat spills before they become stains, and call Leading Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your carpet cleaning service.

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