Have you ever spent time cleaning a particular area of the house only for it to become a mess a short time later? That seems to be a running theme in houses all over the world. Cleaning your home is something that is never ending and you have to constantly be doing the same chores again and again. We are all okay with this and have realized that it is the way it is. When it comes to your carpets you don’t want to deal with the same problems that you do through the rest of the house. The problem is that a spill that occurs on your carpet has to be cleaned and treated to have it removed. The issue is when the stain shows back up after you have already spent the time to clean it! Now you have to work on the same spill again and that can be extremely frustrating. If you don’t know why this is happening to you when you clean stains off your carpet they will just continue. Knowing the issue is the first step in correcting what is happening and prevent it later.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists the Top Causes of Stains Reappearing on Your Carpets

Carpet Wicking: One of the top reasons that a stain shows back up on your carpet is from not cleaning it properly. One outcome is that you will have what is called wicking when you think you are done with the cleaning process. The spill when it is in some type of liquid form will soak in the fibers, backing and padding. When you go to clean the spill often people are only getting the area that has affected the fibers. Once the area has dried after you have finished your cleaning process the stain will come back up! That is because the liquid that has been trapped in the backing and padding will show back up in the fibers. You need to be sure that when you clean a spill that you take time to get the moisture that is all the way in the deepest part of the carpet. If you are not able to do that it is best to call out a professional that has the ability to get deep in the carpet and backing.
Rapid Re-Soiling: The next problem that you are going to come up against is due to the cleaning process again. You might have gotten the stain all the way down to the backing and padding but the solution that you used is leaving behind residue. When there is residue that is left on the carpet it will cause rapid re-soiling. The other surrounding areas of the carpet will not attract the same amount of dirt that the area with residue will. The residue is a sticky substance that will attract dirt and debris and that will attach to the same area you just cleaned. This will make it look like the stain has reappeared but it is actually a new stain.

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