How to Prevent & Improve Phenolic Yellowing Carpet Discoloration Stains in Villa Park, CA

Have you ever removed a piece of furniture or rug that has been sitting on top of your carpet only to discover your carpets have turned yellow underneath the furniture? When carpets, especially lighter colored carpets, turn yellow this is a phenomenon called Phenolic Yellowing. If you’re seeking an answer as to the cause of phenolic yellowing, and if it can be corrected, Leading Carpet Cleaning will explain more about phenolic yellowing and how it affects your carpets.

Phenolic Yellowing Definition

You may have first noticed a yellowish stain on your carpet after you have removed a piece of furniture or even a large area rug. This is called phenolic yellowing. It can occur on any color carpet but is most visible on lighter colors such as grays, or beige colored carpet. Phenolic Yellowing is due to what the professionals call “gassing.” There is an agent called Butylhydroxyltoluene (BHT) that is used in carpets to help preserve them, especially those made from latex such as tufted carpets. BHT is also used as the underlayment for all carpets. When a rug is put on top of the carpet and the BHT is on the bottom, the rest of the carpet can’t breathe. As the BHT rises up, it is trapped by the rug or furniture and it will begin to discolor the carpet’s fibers. However phenolic yellowing can still occur even if carpet doesn’t contain BHT. Carpet uses a latex glue to hold the pile of the carpet to the backing of the carpet. The backing of the carpet, combined with the latex glue, can create the similar affect. Some backing for carpets contain the BHT as well, so small traces of BHT is still in most carpet. Again, the same affect of the yellowing merges as the carpet doesn’t breathe properly. Additionally, the backing of rugs can also cause the Phenolic Yellowing to increase, which is why it isn’t recommended to have rugs or furniture that doesn’t allow carpets to breathe properly onto of them.

How to Prevent Phenolic Yellowing

As already stated, the best way to prevent Phenolic Yellowing from occurring is to allow carpets to breathe. Use furniture that provides circulation underneath it. Another thing that is also beneficial when it comes to preventing Phenolic Yellowing is to vacuum and have your carpet cleaned regularly. This will prevent the BHT from becoming trapped. Unfortunately there is no way to correct the discoloring. Once Phenolic Yellowing occurs, the damage is already done. This is why it is so important to know how to clean and care for your carpet. You may need to replace your carpets or deal with the discoloration. Prevention is the key when it comes to Phenolic Yellowing.

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