Method for Removing Gum in Fullerton, CA; How to Get Old Chewing Gum Out of Carpet

When you are trying to take care of a spot or stain on your carpet it is important to use the right method. The method you use will depend on if the stain or the spot is removed or set in. There are some stains that you need to use a paste while others require the use of heat. There are some stains such as red wine that tend to be the hardest to get out. On the top of the list happens to be gum! When someone has chewed up a piece of gum and dropped it on your carpet it seems like it will never come out. The longer that it has to sit there the harder it will be to get out of the carpet. You also have to use the right method or you will end up making the problem much worse. There is a method that will work for removing the gum from the carpet. It will take some patience and time to get it out but it is better than the alternative which is cutting it out with scissors.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists the Steps to Take When Treating a Gum Stain On Your Carpet

Freeze Gum to Remove from Carpet: The first thing you need to know is that gum is very sticky. If you pull a piece of gum out of your mouth it can stretch out and make a real mess. That is why you want to be sure you get it to a consistency that you can actually work on it. The step that is needed is to freeze the gum where it is on the carpet. You can accomplish this by taking a few pieces of ice in a zip close bag. Then place the bag on the spot and allow it to sit for several minutes. This will freeze the gum and allow you to be able to work with it. This process is something that you may need to do over and over again. As you work on the spot you might need to stop and freeze it again to continue. Be sure that you keep the ice bag close by in case you need to work again.
Pick Gum Residue Off Carpet: The next step is to work quick with a butter knife or other hard object such as a credit card. You want to work slow and steady with this part so that you are not damaging the carpet underneath. You can pick at one spot at a time and then freeze the area again to continue working. This may take some time but it is best to work little at a time.
Finish Carpet Cleaning: Now you want to run your vacuum over the area to pick up the bits that you have chipped away. Be sure to use the hose attachment so that the gum does not stick in your roller. Then use a clean cloth as well as a solution of water and dish soap. You can dab at the area to continue to clean any left over color or stain that is left.

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