Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning in Chino, CA; Mold, Carpet Discoloration, Delamination & More

Many people choose to clean their own carpets because they think it’s an easy job and that it will cost less. While it may save some money, there are dangers that come along with cleaning your own carpets. Those that believe it’s a better idea to clean their carpets themselves are the ones that fall victim to the hidden dangers that come with taking the task on yourself. These dangers can damage your carpets affect your family’s health with the germs and bacteria that can be left behind. The results between DIY and professional carpet cleaning are clearly noticeable-and the dangers that come with DIY should be noted.

Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning

1. Mold buildup. Mold can be dangerous to the heath of your family and is one of the dangers of DIY carpet cleaning. People that are allergic can develop asthma, allergy symptoms or even respiratory infections. Other symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rashes. Mold can also stink and corrode carpet fibers.
2. Carpet discoloration. This can happen when carpets are left too wet and happens a lot with DIY carpet cleaning. Carpets that are left wet can also shrink. Many of the solutions that come with rented machines contain oxidizing agents like bleach or ammonia that can strip the color from your carpet.
3. Poor cleaning results. Properly cleaning your carpets is important and the quality with doing it yourself don’t compare with professional cleaning. The cleaners you rent aren’t as powerful as professional ones and can’t get you the same results with cleanliness, safety and keeping carpets free of mold and germs. You’ll be disappointed with the results and your carpets may still look dirty or stained. All this after hours of back-breaking work!
4. Carpet delamination. When carpets get too wet, delamination can occur. Carpet delamination occurs when the secondary backing of the carpet separates from the primary backing. While this can happen with poor bonding agents, many time sit happens from improper cleaning methods.
5. Overly wet carpet. Rented machines aren’t as powerful and professional ones. This will leave your carpets too wet and leave a “damp fabric” smell behind.
6. Voided carpet warranties. You may also discover you have voided the warranty on your carpet when you’ve cleaned your carpets yourself. Not a risk you want to take. Once carpets are damaged, there won’t be much you can do. The only solution is to live with them or replace them.

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While rented machines look easy to use, you’ll need to move the furniture, treat stains, lift the machine and constantly change out the solution and water. Not the way you want to spend a few days off! If you want your carpets cleaned the right way the first time, then hire professionals. Experts use the best stain removers and industrial strength cleaners that deliver superior results. To avoid the hidden dangers associated with DIY carpet cleaning, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today to schedule an appointment.

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