In order to keep your carpets in prime condition through their expected lifespan and looking healthy and spotless; manufacturers recommend the carpets are cleaned by a professional one to two times a year in conjunction with your regularly vacuuming maintenance, care, and spot cleaning. Homeowners should consider professional carpet cleaning every six months are those that live in dusty environments, have indoor pets, live with excessive allergies and/or asthma attacks, or experience a lot of foot traffic on their carpets.

Best Ways to Keep Carpet Clean After Professional Cleaning

Once you get the carpets cleaned from a professional, many people want to hang onto that high level of clean for as long as they can. In an effort to help you extend the professional cleaning out, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to share some tips on how you can do it.
1) Wait for carpets to dry completely. Carpet technicians are very detailed while cleaning the carpets. They extract the moisture, along with dirt and debris, with their high-powered extraction equipment. Though most of the moisture is removed when they have finished, the carpets are still slightly damp. It is important that you do not let household resume normal walking traffic on the carpets until it has completely dried. This also applies why you treat spills and stains that the area remains left to dry before people walk on it. The technician will give you instructions before they leave about the estimated dry time but keep in mind that the current climate and weather conditions will play a role.
2) No shoes or bare feet on carpet. Ensuring people are not wearing shoes on the carpet will keep a lot of the filth varieties from being tracked in. Bare feet, however, should also be avoided, because the oils skin produces can be left behind on the carpets, attracting dirt and dust. Wear slippers that are only worn inside or socks.
3) Do not let spills linger. Substances that sit for any length of the time have the potential of becoming a stain. As soon as any spills occur, they should be cleaned up at once. The longer they sit the harder they are to clean. Avoid scrubbing and patting motions as that promotes carpet fibers to absorb the substances. Blotting and patting will have the liquids absorbed in the cleaning implement of your choice. Don’t use dyed or printed cloths, towels, and paper towels as they could potentially be transferred to the carpet. Instead of reaching for chemicals initially to treat spills and stains, try using plain water, but don’t use hot water. If you need the extra power of a cleaner, always perform patch test in an inconspicuous area first.
4) Resist skipping the vacuuming. Most people have busy schedule, and when the carpet appear clean, the temptation to skip vacuuming often wins. But daily vacuuming, especially following a professionally cleaning, should be done, whether your carpets look like they could use vacuuming or not. Carpets will not be damaged with vacuuming, even if you vacuumed 2-3 times a day. Quite a bit of the dirt, debris, as well as the allergens, contaminates, and pollutants are extracted each time you vacuum.

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