How to Remove Recurring Pet & Other Carpet Wicking Stains in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Carpet stains are complex. Some can be a challenge, few can be near impossible to remove, others simple, but there are also the phantom stains that everyone has had experience with at one time or another. Those are the stains that seem to be gone only to reappear within a few hours or up to a few days. Where these stains can be frustrating, they are not impossible to effectively remove. These phantom stains can be resolved with a little diligence and we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to share a few tips and some advice regarding the removal to the reappearing stain.

Carpet Wicking Definition

In the industry, the reappearing stain is known as wicking. The carpet rapidly absorbs the liquid is as it soaks through backing and into the carpet padding. When you treat the affected area, the moisture is often only removed from the surface of the carpet, leaving the excess liquid to fester in the carpet backing, padding, and even the sub floor depending on the volume of liquid. With the moisture being out of sight, the moisture will often resurface within a few hours or up to a few days, depending on how much foot traffic there is. For a visual analogy, the oil lamp has a wick that continues to stay saturated despite the fact the wick isn’t constantly submerged. A rather frustrating occurrence, however luckily there is a remedy to avoid the stain from resurfacing.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Stains that Keep Coming Back

1) Limit the amount of carpet cleaner. Use the minimal amount of cleaner possible when treating spots or stains. With applied pressure, blot away the moisture with paper towels or dry towels and contain the moisture accumulation as you treat the stain. Minimally apply the cleaning solution on the stain and blot well in between the applications until the stain is removed.
2) Tend to carpet spills immediately. Avoid letting the spill sit for any length of time, as the longer the offending product has to set, the harder the stain is to remove as well as the more moisture that is permitted to be absorbed into the carpet, backing, padding, and subfloor, the more that will store up and manifest later.
3) Absorb the moisture from carpet. You can draw up the majority of the excess moisture into the towel by placing an old towel over the spot and weighing it down with a heavy object for several hours or even overnight following the treatment of the stain. To make sure the liquid and stain are effectively removed, treat the stain prior to removing the moisture left behind.
4) Professional carpet cleaning. In the event the stain continues to reappear, professional assistance is required as there is an indication that there is a deeper problem. Professionals utilize powerful extracting equipment that efficiently removes the penetrated stains and any lingering moisture that might be pooling on the subfloor or anywhere in between.

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