Hardwood Floor Design Layout Patterns in Santa Ana, CA; Straight, Random & More

All the things we do to decorate our homes has purpose and meaning and this includes the floors. Our floors are the first thing people see when they walk in our home and first impressions are important. Installing hardwood floors is a beautiful way to express our individual style, but it can be hard to decide which pattern to use. Some patterns can make a space look larger and some can do the opposite.

Common Hardwood Flooring Patterns

1. Straight pattern. This is the most common way hardwood floors are installed and is simple and effective. The boards will be laid down from wall to wall and side by side. Along the longest wall in the room is the way to lay the boards down. This will make the room look longer.
2. Diagonal pattern. This pattern is the same as the straight pattern but is laid diagonally from one corner of the room to the other. More skill is needed to install flooring this way to make sure it is done correctly.
3. Random pattern. When using this pattern, you’ll have a consistent pattern with the width of the blocks varying in each row. Foe example, 4-inch then 7 and then 5. The only thing different is the size of the boards. It can be done straight or diagonally and will make the space appear larger. Installation should be parallel to the longest wall in the room.
4. Brick pattern. After installation, it will resemble traditional brickwork. It can be installed throughout the space or just in an area and can be surrounded by a border. It can be used to highlight and area or complement another pattern.
5. Herringbone pattern. Ancient Romans used this pattern on their roads and just proves the quality of this pattern. Herringbone seems to be the most popular one today but it isn’t a good choice for smaller rooms because it can make the space feel smaller than it is. It does allow for a lot of stability because the boards are pushed up against each other and limits the movement of the floor. It can be installed parallel and diagonal.
6. Chevron pattern. Very similar to herringbone but should be confused with it. They both use the same sized blocks arranged in a zig-zag pattern. The chevron pattern is produced when the blocks are cut on an angle and form a straight line where each piece meets the end of another. The herringbone pattern is produced when the pieces are cut in rectangles and laid in a way where the ends of each plank are laid to the side of another.
7. Basket weave pattern. This pattern looks like it is woven after installation and is great in any space big or small. It’s usually made up of oak and maple and can be laid either parallel or diagonal to the wall. Most times the wood used is lighter in color, but darker colors like walnut can be used to make the pattern stand out
8. Parquet pattern. This pattern is unique because it uses multiple pieces of wood. It uses geometric shapes to create a mosaic and gives a custom design that will be unique to your home. When you choose a parquet pattern the possibilities are endless.

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