How to Mop & Clean Your Ceramic Tile & Grout Floors Regularly in Fullerton, CA

There are many benefits to choosing tile flooring for your home. Not only are they available in all shapes and sizes, but you have several color choices to choose from as well. No matter what design you have in your home, you can find a tile floor that will compliment it. The durability of tile flooring is another obvious choice. Just like any flooring choice, you need to properly clean it to extend its life and fully enjoy it. Leading Carpet Cleaning is here to share some cleaning and maintenance tips for your tile flooring.

Daily Tile Floor Cleaning

Depending on the tiles you choose for your floors, you may notice they are dirty quickly. Don’t wait until they are noticeably dirty before you do something about it. Sweeping your tile floor daily will keep dirt, debris and food from damaging your tiles. As you consider mopping, use just plain water and you will see that the shine on your tile flooring will be bright. You don’t need fancy cleaner for everyday cleaning; warm water and a mop will do the trick. Just make sure you dry it right after you mop. When you leave your tile floor wet waiting for it to dry, dirt and dust will settle into the moisture and your floors will look dirty right after cleaning them.

Weekly/Monthly Tile Floor Cleaning

From time to time, you will need to use cleaners on your tile flooring. A mixture of ½ cup vinegar and 1 gallon of warm water work as a great degreaser. Warm water and dish detergent are another great choice for getting the grime off your flooring. When you have a stubborn stain on your tile that you aren’t able to remove with the other cleaners, you can use scouring powder to remove them. Mixing half scouring powder and half water to use on a stubborn stain works wonders when you use a soft bristled brush to scrub away.

Cleaning the Grout

The grout on your tile flooring is often forgotten. There are several commercial cleaners out there that claim to do the job, but you may have all you need to clean them in your kitchen already. A mixture of baking soda and a little water make an excellent paste for cleaning your grout. Cover problem areas with this paste and let it stand for a couple hours or even overnight. Using an old toothbrush, gently scrub the stain. Then you can remove any extra paste with warm water.

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Caring for your tile and grout is important. Homeowners will do much of the maintenance as they enjoy the day to day. Just like carpet, getting your tile and grout cleaned professionally twice a year will remove dirt and debris that are hard to get rid of on your own. Leading Carpet Cleaning offers not only carpet cleaning, but tile and grout cleaning as well. You would be surprised at how much a professional tile and grout cleaning can make a difference in the look of your tile flooring. Call us today!

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