Carpets Should Be Cleaned Year Round Whether There Are Stains & Odors or Not in Chino, CA

The carpets in your home should not be neglected. They need to be maintained throughout the year, not just when they are visibly dirty or your in-laws are visiting. There are many reason it’s important to do so.
1. Regular carpet cleaning prolongs the life of your carpeting. The extraction method can increase the life of your carpet a great deal and will protect the investment you’ve made in your floor-covering.
2. The quality of the air in your home will be improved with regular carpet cleaning. Carpet can trap airborne pollutants. These pollutants need to be removed in order to protect your carpets and maintain the indoor air quality of your home.
3. Carpets that are cleaned regularly are easier to maintain. Dry soils are what make up most of carpet soiling and when carpets are taken care of the right way dry soils are more easily removed with a regular vacuuming routine.
4. Remove spots and stains promptly so they don’t attract more soiling. This also protects your carpets from further damage.
5. Allergens and bacteria can’t buildup if carpets are taken care of. Moist soiling on your carpets result in these and other unhealthy contaminants.
6. Dirty carpets can make a room look bad. Quickly enhance the appearance of any room with a cleaning. Clean, well-maintained carpets say a lot about the overall cleanliness of your home.
7. If the regular cleaning of carpets is being done in the workplace then it will improve worker morale. It’s easier for workers to be productive and feel better about their work when they’re working in a clean environment.
8. Well-maintained carpets just make carpets look and feel clean and fresh.
9. Carpets can be home to dust mites and bedbugs. Carpets that are cleaned professionally can remove pests.
10. Carpets come with warranties and many times these warranties require your carpets to be cleaned using the extraction method within a specific amount of time. Every 12 to 18 months is the norm.

What Are Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning Machines?

The hot water extraction (HWE) method, is a method used in chemistry for extraction and for “steam cleaning”. The pressurized hot water extraction process uses a combination of high water pressure for agitation and hot water to increase reaction rate. Hot water extraction provides a through, deeper clean. How does it work? First, a powerful machine heats water in a cleaning tank. Professionals will use a hot water extraction cleaning machine to inject water and a cleaning solution into the carpet and remove the dirt. Then the machine will extract the solution and the hot water back out of the carpet along with all the dirt so it can dry quickly. You can see visible steam from the hot water but it’s the water that is doing the cleaning, not the steam. Is hot water extraction different than steam cleaning? Steam is hotter than hot water. To get steam, the water must boil and evaporate into steam. Stains can become set in with steam and if a cleaning agent like detergent is being used, steam can’t provide as thorough a rinse as using hot water provides. The hot water completely flushes the carpet fibers and removes dirt.

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For many reasons, it’s a good idea to make professional carpet cleaning throughout the year a priority. Contact Leading Carpet Cleaning today to set up a schedule.

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