Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ in Orange, CA; How Often to Seal Floors, Shower Walls etc?

When it comes to the overall care of your tile and grout, no doubt you have a few questions, particularly when it comes to professional tile and grout services. When giving your tile routine cleaning, you have to keep in mind to keep it in optimal condition not only for the aesthetics but the longevity as well and only with professional services can ensure it. Much like carpet, the grout in particular, being porous in nature absorbs soils and moisture and even with diligent cleaning efforts, over time the grout will look dingy and the tile dull. Today, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning have compiled a frequently asked question list concerning professional tile care and answered the most common among them.

Tile & Grout Cleaning FAQ

Q: How is professional tile and grout cleaning done?
Using cleaning agents specially formulated for tile and grout to remove layers of dirt, debris, and accumulated residues of soap scum and mineral deposits, as well as any microbes and bacteria that often lead to mildew and mold along with state-of-the-art high powered quality extracting machines, the filth below the surface is pulled to leave tile and grout clean, sanitized, and deodorized.
Q: What is the recommended frequency of professional tile and grout cleaning?
It depends on the contributing factors such as the foot traffic volume, how many people and pets traverse the floor, how diligent owner maintenance, exposure to moisture, and so on. Typically, tile and grout need cleaning every 6-12 months with annual sealant applications.
Q: How long does it take professionals to perform a tile and grout cleaner and/or sealing?
The average size room, up to 250 square feet, generally take anywhere from 45-90 minutes to clean, depending on the circumstances. The amount of buildup, size of the tile, room configuration, grout lines, and so on play a role in how long it takes the professional and if the tile and grout is in need of sealant, it can take up to 3 hours for the completion.
Q: Is a tile and grout professionally cleaning really necessary?
Similar to carpets, the dirt and debris collects over time and even with routine cleaning, you can’t extract it all; being the grout is porous in nature, especially so if the sealant has dissipated, and the tile is scratched and etched, it takes the powerful equipment to effectively remove the filth.
Q: Why is sealing important for tile and grout?
Because grout is a porous material that absorbs soil and moisture a barrier needs to put applied, which is the sealant. With the protective coating, your tile and grout can resist absorbing spills and tracked in dirt and debris, giving you ample time to remove the majority of it before a massive volume settles.
Q: How soon after a cleaning/sealing service can people walk on the tile.
We encourage homeowners to wait at least 3 hours before walking on it and 24 hours before allowing any liquids to make contact as it takes 24 hours for the sealant to cure.
Q: Should I use a specific cleaner following sealant service?
If you want to extend the sealant as far as possible, avoid using any harsh abrasive and acid cleaners, particularly bleach and other such cleaners. When mopping the floor simply use a small quantity of liquid dish detergent and water to avoid breaking down the sealant.

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