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With the New Year here and people doing their best to adjust their budgets, there are areas of your life that you need to reduce. At the end of the year there are several things that people spend money on in excess. That is why at the first of the year it is a good idea to look at the money you have spent and where you can save. You want to make sure that you take care of your home because it is a huge investment and the place that you want to feel comfortable and safe. One way to do that is to make sure that it is clean. The carpets and flooring are important to care for because they are prone to become dirty. They are walked on and occasionally spilled on that leave them messy. The carpet is also something that you want to have last which is why caring for them is paramount. The best way to do that is to vacuum the carpets on a regular basis and budget to have them cleaned professionally.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Outlines What Goes Into Making an Estimate for Carpet Cleaning

How Much Square Footage of Carpet is there to Clean?: When you call to have your carpets cleaned the service person will often start with how many rooms you are having cleaned. There are some rooms in your home that have tile or hardwood so you need to know what rooms are carpeted. The reason that we are asking how many rooms you are having cleaned is so we can come up with some type of size estimate. The number of rooms is easier to answer then the square footage. If you choose to have three rooms cleaned but one happens to be a very large room you want to ensure that you let the cleaning company know. We may charge more for a room that is not the standard size. That is because the technician will take more time and use their solution and equipment more.
Cost of Pet Carpet Treatments: This is a question that you will be asked when you have your carpets cleaned. If they do not ask it is a good idea to let us know. The reason that you are wanting to tell them is because the spots and stains that a pet leave need to be treated and also neutralized because of odor. The treatment may be a little different if you are concerned about pet stains and odors.
High Traffic Carpet Areas Need Pre-Treatment: Do you have a busy house that has lots of people that are coming and going? When you look at the carpet can you pin point the areas that the traffic seems to flow. That is called a high traffic area and often looks darker from soil than other areas of the house. Be sure to let them know what areas you are concerned about especially if they are high traffic. We may want to do a pre-treatment to these areas so they are working before the main cleaning occurs.

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