How to Clean & Remove Old Sticky Red Strawberry Soda & Coke Stains on Carpet in Santa Ana, CA

All one in the same; colas, sodas, and pop stains are a problem. They are difficult to remove and the longer they set in, the harder they are to get out of your carpet no matter which name you use. Today, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to relate some steps and advice on how to remove the soda stains from your carpets and this method also is just as effective on upholstery and rugs as well. The sooner you treat the spill, the easier it will be to remove and no matter if you decide to use carpet stain remover from the department store or a homemade solution, never skip the patch test done in an inconspicuous area to ensure it will not compromise the integrity or the color of your carpet.

How to Get Sticky Soda Stains Out of Carpet

The Formula (Optimal for Red, Orange, or Purple Soda): Mix together two cups of cool water, one cup white vinegar, and one TBS liquid dish soap in a squirt bottle or pale. For caramel colored sodas like cola and root beer, a dry cleaning solvent is ideal. Be sure to follow the label’s directions.
Quick Carpet Stain Reminders: Avoid over saturation, water damage can occur, if necessary; use a dry cloth in between applications to contain the moisture. Never use hot water or steam machine or the stain could set. Avoid over using the liquid dish soap because too much could leave a filmy residue that attract dirt and grime that is also difficult to remove. Do not scrub or rub because it will just push the soda wider and deeper into the fibers, only blot and pat. Only use white cloths, towels, and paper towels to avoid transferring dyes and prints onto the carpet.
1) If the stain is fresh, use paper towels to absorb the excess soda from the carpets. If the soda is dry, or after the spot is left damp, apply the solution to clean, white cloth and begin blotting the stain. In between applications, use paper towels to contain the moisture.
2) Until the stain has faded, repeat. You may have to rinse out the cloth as you absorb the soda.
3) Use a damp cloth of pure water to rinse the solution residue, once the soda has seemed to be removed.
4) With a dry towel, dry the area to the best of your ability after you have thoroughly rinsed the area.
5) Administer rubbing alcohol to a few cotton balls and dab the stain to pull out the remainder stain out of the carpet in the event a stain is visible once the carpet is fully dry.
6) Mist lightly the area with a spray bottle of water and blot the alcohol residue. Place another dry cloth on top and add weight to pull up the slight moisture to ensure it is left only minimally damp.
7) Vacuum the area once it is completely dry.
If the stain persists, you can add few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia to the above mixture and repeat the procedure, however, please be aware that these chemicals have the capability to lighten the carpets coloring and can potentially lighten the area, do so at your own risk.

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