Jelly and jam is a traditional favorite among many. Frequently smeared over bagels, toast, sandwiches, and other breads, this sticky, fruity spread is a household ingredient used in variety of applications. Because so many enjoy this tasty treat, the likelihood of it being finger painted onto the carpets or globs dropping into heaps are fairly high. In any case, having the jelly or jam falling on the carpet is something that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible and we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to list an effective method on doing just that.

How to Remove Jam & Jelly Carpet Stains

1) Before you clean up the jelly/jam spots, remember the following key points in carpet care.
– Never let the spill linger, it will only make it harder to get out.
– Never over saturate carpets, doing so could lead to water damage including mold.
– Never use hot water; it could set the dyes into the carpet permanently.
– Never skip the patch test for any cleaning product you use; carpet cleaners or DIY solutions. It could compromise the integrity of the carpet and/or the color.
– Never use colored or printed paper towels, rags, cloths, or towels; it could transfer to the carpet.
2) It is important to take action quickly as mentioned. Like with any substance that makes contact with your carpets, jam and jelly needs to be promptly treated to avoid potential stains. The longer it sits, the more challenging it is to remove. Grab as many paper towels as you think you might need and a dull edged tool, like a spoon or butter knife, and gently scrape the bulk of the jelly and wipe off on the paper towel; repeat until all the blobs are removed but be careful not to push the jam deeper into the fibers or spread them out further.
3) Moisten the inflicted area with a damp cloth or lightly mist the area with water from a squirt bottle.
4) An effective solution to dissolve the sticky residue and remove the jelly/jam coloring is 2 liters of cool water combined with ¼ tsp liquid dish soap well mixed in a bucket or squirt bottle.
5) Administer the solution to a clean cloth, paper towel, or sponge, and begin blotting the jelly/jam blemish. Start patting the perimeters and work your way towards the center. Some find it easier to treat a cloth with the solution and place it over the spot, and using a spoon to press up the jelly.
6) Use dry paper towels or cloth to blot the moisture in between cleaner applications to avoid over saturation and repeat until you are satisfied the stain is lifted away and there is no sticky residues.
7) With separate damp cloth from cool water, blot the solution remnants from the carpet.
8) Use a dry towel to pull up as much as moisture as possible. If it is fairly wet, put weights on top of the towel and leave it a few hours.
9) After the area is completely dry, hit the carpets with the vacuum to relax the fibers.

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Treating any stains can be difficult. If you are finding that the jelly or jam stains persists, call out Leading Carpet Cleaning and let our trained professionals not only get the stains out from your carpets, but clean the deeply rooted dirt and neutralize odors.