How to Get Elmers, Gorilla, Wood, Super & Other Glue Out of Carpet in Orange, CA

Have you ever been walking on your nice soft carpet and come across a crunchy spot? This could be many different things like a cookie left behind, a piece of trash or worse. There are times that you or other members of your family might drop glue! Glue is meant to be applied and left to dry so that it stays. A drip of glue left untreated will dry and become hard and crunchy meaning your soft plush carpet is no more. Glue can be spilled from an arts and crafts project, school supplies, repairing something and more. Whatever the reason for the spill the process to clean it will include swift movement. You want to get to any stain or spill including glue as soon as you possibly can. The longer any stain sits the harder it can be to remove. There are some stains and spills that require a particular method to get it to come off the carpet and glue spills is one of them. Using the right method is a great way to get the entire glue spot off the carpet.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Get Glue Spots Out Of Your Carpet

Heat Method to Remove Glue from Carpet: If you are dealing with a hot glue situation that has dried you might want to try the heat method. This method will also work on other glues but works best with hot glue. You will need to collect several items to do this which will include a clean cloth and an iron used for clothes. Once you are ready to go you want to lay the cloth on the spot that needs to be treated. Then heat up the iron to a hot setting but be sure that there is no steam. Once the iron is heated thoroughly you need to go over the cloth several times to heat the whole area. The glue will heat up and soften which will allow the glue to attach to the cloth you placed over the spot. You may need to reapply this method a few times to get all the glue off the carpeting.
Pick Glue Off Carpet: If you have a piece of glue on the carpet that is hard and dry you may need to pick off the glue. The glue will be attached to the carpet fibers and you can use a hard object like a butter knife to get it off. When you use this method there is a large chance that you can damage the fivers so be sure that you work with a very small area at a time. This will stop fraying the fibers while still picking the hard glue off. Once you have picked what you can off the fibers be sure that you follow up with a good vacuum. This will remove the remnants.
Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner: If you are concerned about the glue on your carpet you can use a professional carpet cleaning company. We will be able to assess the stain as well as offer treatment and services to clean the area off. We can use our specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to ensure that the spots are cleaned off as well as the rest of the carpet.

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