Carpet Pet Hair Remover Options in Riverside, CA; Sponge Mop, Fabric Softener & More

Whenever the weather changes, you can count on our furry babies shedding their hair, especially dogs and cats. With the hair being shed at rapid paces and the volume piling up on the carpet; naturally you reach for the vacuum, again, in an effort to extract the excess hair to no avail. Despite the feelings of frustration, there are a few additional tips we at Leading Carpet Cleaning have when the vacuum isn’t quite enough to remove the blanket of pet hair on your carpet listed below to help you in your quest.

Pet Hair Sponge Mop Remover
This method is ideal for low-pile carpeting.
Supplies you need:
– Vacuum
– Spray bottle with water
– Clean Kitchen Sponge Mop
Steps for sponge mop pet hair/fur removal from carpet:
1) Remove the bulk of the hair thoroughly by vacuuming as much as possible.
2) Mist the sponge mop with the water bottle.
3) With moderate pressure, run the mop across the carpet’s surface. As you complete this step, the pet hair will clump up and from there you can simply handpick the clumps or use the vacuum if it is capable.

Remove Pet Hair from Carpet with Fabric Softener

Supplies you need:
– Water
– Vacuum
– Spray bottle
– Liquid fabric softener
Steps for fabric softener pet hair/fur carpet removal:
1) In a spray bottle, mix well 1 part fabric softener and 3 parts water together.
2) Lightly apply the solution on the carpet. Never over saturate the carpet; nothing more than a moderate mist is all that is needed.
3) Allow adequate time for the solution dry. With such a light mist the dry time should be fairly brief.
4) Thoroughly vacuum the carpet. Now that the fabric softener has loosened the pet hair/fur from the carpet fibers, vacuuming the hairs should be fairly easy.

Baking Soda Pet Hair Removal

Supplies you need:
– Vacuum
– Baking soda
Steps for baking soda pet fur/hair from carpet removal:
1) Cover the carpet lightly with baking soda by sprinkling it on the surface.
2) Allow approximately 10 minutes for the baking soda to set.
3) Completely vacuum the carpet. The baking soda will help loosen the hair from the carpet as well as neutralize any lingering odors.

Additional Carpet Pet Hair Removal Tips

1) Invest in upgrading your current vacuum with a vacuum that is specifically designed to extract the pet hair from carpets.
2) For isolated areas wear rubber gloves and manually remove the pet fur/hair out of the carpet fibers with your hands.
3) To avoid using any products, you can try using the rubber edge of a squeegee by gliding it across the surface of the carpet to help pull up the pet’s hair/fur. Follow up with vacuuming.
4) For challenging cases, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning expert to effectively remove the pet hair/fur from your carpets.

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