Carpet Stain Prevention, Protection & Treatment in Anaheim, CA; Stain Resistant Carpet, Vacuuming Often & More

When your carpet has stains, it can make your home look dingy. Scrubbing it yourself takes time and effort … and often causes more damage. The easiest way to keep your carpet looking new and fresh is to prevent stains from getting there in the first place.

How to Prevent Stains on Carpet

Stain Resistant Carpet: The best thing to do from the start is to have stain-resistant carpet installed in your home. Most of the carpets on the market have been treated with a stain-resistant chemical. If you purchase carpet that is not stain-resistant, then you can purchase a product and apply it youself. Stain-resistant carpet will not prevent all stains, but it will do a great job at protecting it and will make stains easier to remove.
Vacuum Often: Another way to protect your carpet is to vacuum it frequently. Dirt can be abrasive to your carpet and will cause damage and permanent darkening over time. It helps to remove dirt and debris that you are not able to see. You can purchase plastic carpet-runners for high traffic areas as they will attract dirt faster than others. They are clear and made of non-slip plastic or rubber. They have “feet” or “teeth” to keep them in place on your carpet. These can be an asset if you have children and pets running around and are inexpensive too. You can rent steam cleaners to clean your carpet but carpet runners will prevent the stains in the first place.

Cleaning Carpet Spills

While there is not a lot you can do to prevent spills, you can defiantly control the damage that spills will create by attending to them quickly. Never rub anything on the spill as this will cause the liquid to set into the fibers and cause a stain that will become permanent. The best way to tackle a spill is to use a clean towel to dab up any excess moisture. Chances are that cold water and a towel or cloth will get most of the spill up. If this is not successful, you can use a spray or powder stain remover. It is very important to follow all directions to make sure you avoid more damage to the carpet. If you are attempting to remove old stains, then you will need to tackle them differently.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Stain Protection

Taking good care of your carpet is always a good idea, but have them cleaned professionally and regularly. Doing it once a year is enough unless you have pets and/or children. You will need to have them cleaned more often. Professional carpet cleaners are great at protecting your carpets from future stains. You can ask for specially manufactured cleaning agents to be applied to your carpets. These work by protecting the carpet fibers from wear and tear, not to mention helping with stains and spills. It’s a good idea to have these applied after each professional cleaning. Think of carpet stain protection as an invisible shield against stains. Having it applied will allow you to keep your carpet looking fresh and new longer and will save you money in the long run.

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Protection & Stain Removal in Orange, Santa Ana, Rancho Cucamonga, Anaheim, Whittier, Riverside, Chino & Fullerton, California

If your carpets are looking older than they are, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning to have them professionally cleaned and treated for future stains.

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