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We spend about a third of our lives on our mattresses. We should make sure they’re the cleanest they can be because dust mites can produce roughly two times their body weight in waste-yuck! A clean mattress will also allow for a more pleasant and productive night’s sleep.

Reasons You Should Clean your Mattress

Do you ever wonder why your mattress gets heavy as it ages? Years of accumulating dust, dead skin cells, insect parts, bacteria, mold spores and animal hair is the reason. When we sleep, we sweat and shed millions of skin cells. Our sweat causes odors and staining and the oils from our skin will build up and wear away the mattress top. Imagine that your mattress is a huge air filter with anything falling on it being pulled in deeper with the force of gravity. Mattresses can be expensive, so consider having it professionally cleaned to make it last longer.

7 Steps to a Professionally Cleaned Mattress

1. Pre-inspection is the most important step. This is where the technician will inspect the mattress and look for stains and areas that need special attention. Heavily soiled or stained areas may need extra time or a different cleaning product all together.
2. Vacuuming should never be skipped. The technician will do a dry vacuum of the mattress to lift as much dirt and debris as possible out of the mattress.
3. Pre-spray with the use of a mild cleaner that is designed for fine fabric. Your health should be the first priority and therefore harsh chemical should not be used where you sleep. Hot water combined with the correct cleaner will immediately begin to break down dirt and debris deep in the mattress.
4. A brush designed for mattresses will then be used to completely agitate the solution deep into the mattress. This step is important and requires effort to get it done correctly. This step ensures a deep and thorough cleaning
5. Dwell time is the length of time that the solution is left on the mattress to suspend and break down oils before rinsing. Dwell time is typically 10-15 minutes. If this step is effective, then the next step will have better results.
6. After the cleaning solution has worked its magic it’s time for a rinse. The rinse step will not only remove the cleaning solution but the broken down dirt and debris. Tis happens with a gentle rinse solution combined with hot water. The technician should use an upholstery tool as it has great suction and won’t over-wet your mattress and reduce drying time.
7. Without fans the dry time will be anywhere from 8-12 hours and 4-6 with them. You can help speed up the process by turning up the heat or A/C depending on the weather.

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Your mattress should be cleaned twice a year and vacuumed more often to keep it fresh. To get your mattress freshly cleaned, allowing you to sleep more peacefully call Leading Carpet Cleaning today.

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