Carpet Cleaning Basics in Yorba Linda, CA; Remove Stains Right Away, Use Entrance Mats & More

Carpets in homes and businesses are often forgotten with how important day-to-day maintenance is. Busy lifestyles, poor habits, or even lack of education can quickly bring down the aesthetics, condition, and even reduce the lifespan of the carpets. In an effort to extend the years past the life expectancy, keep your carpets in optimal condition and with it looking beautiful and vibrant, routine maintenance and professional carpet cleaning play a role. In an effort to help your goals of better carpet care, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to review the basics in maintenance.

Carpet Care Between Professional Cleanings

1) It is essential that you immediately treat spots and stains with your preferred carpet stain remover cleaner the instant the carpet is assaulted with foreign liquids or stain causing debris. For a DIY all purpose carpet stain cleaner mix ¼ tsp of a bleach-free liquid detergent with 1 cup of cool water; don’t forget to perform a patch test in an inconspicuous area and only blot stains, don’t scrub.
2) The patch test should never be skipped, no matter if it is a product you always use, a DIY mixture, or anything in between. Perform the test off in the corner in an inconspicuous area. If the cleaner compromised the fibers or the color it can be easily avoided and the damage isn’t in an obvious spot.
3) For preventative treatments, be sure to re-apply the stain-resistant protector to your carpets following a professional cleaning as they do dissipate over time. These treatments can help your carpet resist stains and spots, making accidental spills easier to clean.
4) Especially in high traffic areas, it is essential the carpets get vacuumed every night. We know busy schedules and fatigue can prevent the maintenance, at the minimum, vacuum 2-4 times a week in the high traffic locations, and low to no traffic areas hit the vacuum on them weekly. Excessive dirt and particles that stay on the carpet in conjunction with foot traffic creates friction, much like a sandpaper effect and there is no such thing as too much vacuuming, it will not damage the carpets, but dirt will.
5) Place walk-off mats on both interior and exterior points of doorways to help reduce the amount of dirt and debris your carpet absorbs; and to maximize the prevention, invest in runners and area rugs.
6) ON the subject of rugs, be sure to vacuum under them every time you vacuum or at the bare minimum once a week. The carpet needs to be routinely vacuumed before any damage occurs from the loose dirt that is trapped between the rug and the carpet. Vacuum both the top and backside of the rugs routinely as well.
7) Before placing the rugs and runners on the carpet, test to them for colorfastness to ensure the dye does not bleed; it is fairly common for them to do so.
8) The vacuum should be cleaned once a month and the filter replaced every 6 months to optimize the efficiency. Clean the interior and exterior, consult your manual on which detachable parts can be cleaned.
9) To keep your carpets colors from fading, utilize blinds, curtains, drapes, UV protecting film, or other such window treatments to block the direct sunlight. Additionally, rearrange the furniture annually to create new foot traffic pathways to even out wear.
10) Invest in professional carpet cleaning 1-2 times a year in addition to annual upholstery cleaning to ensure the filth that has been penetrated deeply is removed, stains are lifted, and odors neutralized or even prevented.

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