Yellow Stains & Discoloration on Carpet in Fullerton, CA; Carpet Cleaning to Prevent Phenolic Yellowing & Off Gassing

Have you ever noticed that your carpets under an area rug has started to look yellow? There is a chemical reaction that can happen that will actually change the color of the carpet. Most people have never heard of this and don’t know that it can exist. It can happen to anyone and you are doing something right now to cause it. The first time that many people notice this problem is when they decide to rearrange a room. Maybe they want to move the rug to a new spot, rearrange the couches or slide the bed to a new location. They move the piece and realize that the carpet is not the color you thought it was. The yellowing can happen to anyone and you may not even realize you are at risk.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Explains Why Your Carpet is Turning Yellow & What You Can Do to Prevent it

Why Is Your Carpet Turning Yellow: The carpet yellowing is sometimes confused with the original carpet color. The carpet can look very different if you have decorated a room and not changed it for a while. When you finally move a table or couch you may see that the carpet around the item is much darker in color than the carpet that was under. The original color of the carpet will be the same as the rest of the carpet but it will be lighter and cleaner. The best way to stop that is from using a professional carpet cleaning service often. The carpet yellowing is what is known as phenolic yellowing and is when the carpet reacts to the air around it. Your carpet may have butylhydroxyltoluene or BHT which is okay as long as the carpet is able to breathe. The BHT can cause a reaction when it is trapped under a rug or heavy item. This is called off gassing and is the process that will turn the carpet yellow. It is an actual yellow tint that is unappealing to look at. If your carpet and padding does not have BHT and you still notice this happening under a rug it can be from the actual rug. They also can have BHT in them as well.
How to Prevent Yellow Color Discoloration of Carpet: The best thing that you can do to keep this from occurring is to move your rooms around. You don’t want to rearrange your house every few weeks but it is a great idea to move everything you can when you have the carpets cleaned. This will give the carpet time to breath and also a way to keep the carpet clean and even looking. You can also look into what type of carpet or rug you have. Knowing that you have BHT will help you to keep on top of your carpet cleaning. This will ensure that the carpets have air flow so they don’t cause the yellowing to occur.
Can You Fix These Yellow Spots on Carpet?: The damage is done when you are dealing with phenolic yellowing. The chemical reaction has occurred and it cannot be reversed. You will need to have the carpet replaced early. Prevention is the key!

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