Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths in Chino, CA; Carpets that Don’t Look Dirty STILL Need Cleaning, DIY Cleaning is NOT as Good & More

There are quite a few myths that often creep into any industry. No matter what the topic, myths are often evolved from false notions, bad experiences, and vicious rumors. Setting the myths straight and understanding the facts can help you better care for your possessions. This includes carpeting. With the many rumors that have come over the decades, many of these rumors should be forgotten for the preservation and overall condition of your carpet. Today, we at Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to debunk the myths concerning your carpets and share the facts.

Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths

Myth: Cheaper carpeting saves you money and is no different than more expensive carpets.
Fact: Low quality fibers and poor manufacturing is what brings down consumer cost. Poorly made carpets that are cheap do not last more than a few years; if you are looking to invest in carpet that will last, get a better quality carpet that costs a bit more money.
Myth: Professional cleanings are hard on carpet.
Fact: Professionals have advanced training and knowledge concerning carpet types, equipment use, and detergent use, to ensure your carpets are cleaned to the max without inflicting damage. Properly used detergents and equipment are safe on surfaces but hard on stains and debris.
Myth: Carpets that appear clean and stain free do not require professional carpet cleaning.
Fact: Carpets mask dirt better than other types of flooring and the debris settles deep in the fibers and after time, it builds up. Dirt is abrasive to carpets and with normal walking traffic, sandpaper like effect occurs that will wear the carpet out much sooner. Getting your carpets cleaned annually whether they look like they need it or not can keep your carpets in the best care.
Myth: New carpets don’t need professional cleaning for years.
Fact: As previously stated, carpets should be cleaned annual. If you have freshly laid carpets, about a year after installation, it is ideal to get your carpets professional cleaned.
Myth: DIY carpet shampooing is just as good as a professional.
Fact: The standardized carpet cleaners for ownership or rent can adequately disperse the water and detergents, but is challenged by extracting all the moisture and dirt. Water left to fester can be the beginning of mold growth. Professionals utilize industrial strength, premium grade equipment and products to ensure maximum cleaning.
Myth: Too much vacuuming ruins carpet.
Fact: There isn’t a possibility that any amount of vacuuming can expedite the deterioration of your carpet. If you house attracts a lot of dirt, dust, and debris, vacuuming twice a day more will only suction out the dirt before it has time to penetrate deep into the carpet.
Myth: DIY carpet shampooing and professional cleanings are equal.
Fact: The standardized carpet cleaners for ownership or rent can adequately disperse the water and detergents, but is challenged by extracting all the moisture and dirt. If water is left behind, it has the potential of turning into mold, ensuring the moisture is extracted is essential.
Myth: Carpet deodorizer powder is enough to keep carpets clean and fresh.
Fact: Carpet powders cause unnecessary damage if they are over used. The vacuum cannot collect all the powder, and the particles left behind penetrate down in the surface, causing the sandpaper like effect dirt and grit creates. Additionally, masking odors is all these products are good for and do not contribute to the overall cleanliness of your carpet.
Myth: Carpet cleaning isn’t affordable and should only be used when the carpet really needs it.
Fact: Professional carpet cleaning has become a common service in recent decade and in a competitive market, carpet cleaning has become very affordable . A regularly scheduled professional cleaning prolongs carpet life, controls allergen containments, and reduces bacteria to improve the indoor air quality.

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