The carpet in your home is a wonderful addition, not only for style but for comfort as well. But carpet is only great when you take great care of it and keep it clean. A dirty carpet will house dirt and dust which can make it look and feel dirty. There is also a great chance that there will be dust mites, bacteria from illness and more debris that can lead to your family feeling ill. You want to make sure that all these contaminants are taken out of the carpet fibers to make sure that the carpets last the amount of time they are recommended. Having good looking carpet is a must and it will also lend well to the extension of the life of the carpet too.

Leading Carpet Cleaning Lists Ways to Protect & Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Know What Carpet You Have: One main thing that people do wrong when caring for their carpet comes down to treating the carpet incorrectly. There are many kinds of carpets that can have different needs. You can find out what your carpet needs by asking a professional or getting information when the new carpet is installed. There may be a specific kind of cleaner or vacuum that works best for your carpets.
Clean Carpet Stains Quickly: Another way to make sure that your carpets look their very best while you have them is to clean up spills as quickly as possible. A spill can easily soak into the fibers and end up causing damage the longer it is left to sit. The best thing you can do is to move as soon as possible to treat the spill so that it has the least amount of time to soak in. A spill can even soak past the fibers into the backing and down into the padding as well. When it gets that far it can end up being a reappearing stain and come back to haunt you. Be sure that you have a tried and true method of removing stains from the carpet when they happen. If you are not happy with your at home stain removal you can always hire a professional to come out and treat the stains as well.
Vacuum the Carpets Regularly: The best thing you can do for your carpets is to make sure that you run your vacuum regularly. You want to make sure that you remove as much dirt and debris as you can and get rid of the allergens as well. The vacuum is a great way to keep the carpet fibers clean and it makes the professional cleaning go much smoother. Be sure that you have a good vacuum that rotates to help pull any dirt that is starting to settle down in the fibers.
Have Carpets Cleaned Professionally: The carpet cleaning is a huge way to extend the life of your carpet. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to use our industrial suction to remove that set in dirt. We can also use a pretreatment to get the stains out of the carpet that you were not able to.

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