How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in Your Whittier, CA Carpets; Control Humidity, Anti-Static Sprays & More

Are there some parts of your home that develops a lot of static charges? It might get pretty annoying to continuously get zapped as you go from place to place. Well there are many reasons why carpets build up a static charge. Better yet, there are a few tricks to prevent the static. Leading Carpet Cleaning will share a few ideas on how to make your home static free and no more shocks.

What Causes Static Electricity in the Carpet

There are many reasons why carpets build up electricity and cause an electrical charge when a person comes in contact with an object that discharges the static. There are some carpets types that have a way of building an electrical charge more so than others. The padding underneath your carpet may even play a part. Nylon seems to be one of those types of carpet that have more static than polyester carpets. Not to mention one really bad habit that seems to follow most all of us is the dragging of our feet. If we do this, we can expect to get shocked wide awake when the event occurs. Besides the dragging of one’s feet another problem that affects carpet is dry air or low humidity inside a room. Why you wonder is that a problem? Moisture or humidity in the room falls to the floor, putting a fine layer of water on top of the carpet. This layer acts as a barrier between the electrical current from in the ground or carpet and you.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity On Your Carpets

One remedy to the problem is placing a humidifier in the area affected the most by static. This will create a protective layer. Or there are some commercial products you can buy that also achieve the same goal. There are products such as spray-on anti-static chemicals that reduce static charges on carpets. Shadow FX or Staticide are a few of the products that will reduce the static in the room. They are easily found on the open market. However there are some downsides to these types of products. For one, it is obviously not a one time cure. You will need to apply it regularly to prevent the static from returning. Another major drawback is that they can be rather sticky once sprayed on. This mean dirt and muck will stick to your carpet, which leads to a need for regular carpet cleaning. If you’re not keen on cleaning your carpet every few weeks, you may want to look for another alternative. Luckily we have one more trick up our sleeve. There is a home made cocktail that will reduce the static in your carpets. One tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and fabric softener with 8oz. of water mixed together in a spray will be a saving grace. Use this mixture to reduce the static.

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Your homemade cocktail combined with a humidifier might be all you need to reduce the static charges on your carpets. You will find that freshly cleaned or newly installed carpet holds the most static charge. Try using these tricks to help reduce those shocking moments in your home. Leading Carpet Cleaning knows how annoying zapping carpets can be. We hope these few tricks will reduce your static problems. For all your carpet care needs Leading Carpet Cleaning will be happy to further assist you. Call us today.

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