How to Clean Upholstery Fabrics in Rancho Cucamonga, CA; Synthetic, Natural, Microfiber, Leather Materials & More

Cleaning your furniture’s upholstery may seem easier than what it actually is. You can permanently damage your upholstery if it is done incorrectly. That is why Leading Carpet Cleaning will share the different cleaning methods for the different fabric types as well as leather upholstery furniture. With the proper care your upholstery will last long and stay fresher. Note that all fabric based furniture will first need to be fully vacuumed before using any cleaning agent. Make sure you remove as much dirt as possible before cleaning or you can create a bigger stain. Some cleaning agents direct you to vacuum the upholstery before and after you have applied the cleaning agent. Read the directions and do exactly as directed.

Cleaning Synthetic Material Sofas

Synthetic fabric is easy enough to clean. It is always a good practice to check the furniture’s tag and see what type of cleaning agent is recommend when it comes to cleaning that type of fabric. Not all synthetic fabrics use the same type of cleaning agents. You will want to use a water base cleaning agent for this fabric. When you dilute the cleaning agent with water make sure to use distilled water and not tap water, tap water will leave ring like stains on the furniture. Synthetic fabrics are prone to shrinking. Never use hot water. Cool or warm water should be okay to use.

Cleaning Natural Material Upholstery

There are some types of upholsteries that are 100% natural fibers. Natural upholstery can be cleaned with a water base cleaning agent. Make sure you check the furniture’s tag to see if they specify otherwise. Again do not use tap water and don’t use too much water to dilute the water base cleaning agent. Too much water will also have that ring effect.

Cleaning Combination Material Couches

Combination fabrics will have some natural materials– typically cotton and wool mixed with a synthetic fabric. It is recommended that you have professional upholstery cleaners to clean combination fabric furniture..

Cleaning Microfiber Upholstered Furniture

Microfiber fabric is great to keep clean. Due to their larger fiber, they prevent dirt and grime from sinking deep inside the furniture’s fiber. Most of the time simply vacuuming the upholstery is enough to make it look new again. Check your furniture tag. Some Micro fiber fabrics will use a water or a solvent based cleaning agent.

Cleaning Leather Furniture

When you clean leather upholstery, it is important to use a cleaning agent designed for leather. Never use straight water or any other type of cleaner. Most stains will wipe right off with a cloth. However, when something more is needed, it is important to use leather cleaner. The leather cleaner doesn’t just clean the leather, but adds special oil into the upholstery to keep it from drying out.

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Furniture comes with a lot of different types of upholstery. It’s important to know what type of upholstery covers your furniture. Read their tags and take note of the recommended cleaning methods. Keep in mind; you can always hire a professional with the knowledge of the different upholstery and how to clean it properly. Leading Carpet Cleaning can help with all of your upholstery needs. We will keep them looking and smelling like new. To schedule your upholstery cleaning, call Leading Carpet Cleaning today.

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