Can Water Damaged Carpets Be Saved After a Flood in Santa Ana, CA? How to Dry & Clean Wet Carpet Fast After a Leak!

After a flood, either from back up drainage lines, broken water lines or other causes in a home, there is always the question as to whether you try and save your carpets or rug or spend the money on replacing them. Replacing or saving carpets or rugs will depend on many factors. There are many times when carpets and rugs can be cleaned and saved. In some cases, it’s best to just replace the damaged carpet or your rugs altogether. Leading Carpet Cleaning will help clarify when a carpet can be saved or when it needs to be replaced.

Should Rugs Be Replaced After Water Damage?

When it comes to whether or not you should keep your rugs or carpet or replace them after a major flood or water damage, there are a few rules to fallow. Large area rugs with a foam bottom or backing, if contaminated by water, can be a difficult process to clean and will require a professional. Most will suggest the cost of cleaning the rug will be close to replacing it. If the rug is irreplaceable, then spend the money to have it cleaned. However if it is a common rug, you might find it’s easier to just replace it rather than save it.

Flooded Carpet – What to Do? Drying Carpet After Water Damage

Carpets that have been soaked with water and quickly dried and steam cleaned have a better chance when it comes to saving the carpets. However the longer the water sits, the less likely it is to save. Depending on the type of water that contaminated your carpet will also determine whether or not it can be cleaned. Sewage water is a major health risk. If carpet or rugs have been in contact from a backup sewage drain then you will want to remove the carpet and bleach the entire floor before replacing it. Rainwater carries outdoor pathogens that can cause problems. However if your water damage is professionally attended to within 24 hours, you can still save your carpets or rug. Machine washable rugs can always be saved; all you need to do is wash them in your washing machine.

Prevent Mold After Water Damage

Some will argue that if a flood happened during the summer time, you should just replace the carpets verses saving them. By cleaning carpets in the summer time, you are adding moisture into the air that’s already wet. This can breed mold and mildew, not just on your floors but on the walls, furniture and ceiling as well. However carpet that were installed with tack strips could be removed, cleaned elsewhere and reinstalled. Most of the time though you will want to replace the under padding of your carpets because the padding is near impossible to clean.

How to Dry Wet Carpet Fast

If you know you want to try and save your carpets from water damage you must act quickly. Use a wet/dry vac to suck up as much of the water as possible. Place fans, and a dehumidifier to cut down on any mold growth. Open windows to circulate the air. When the carpets are thoroughly dried, vacuum.

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With any major water damage its best to call a professional company. We are trained to know what can be saved and cleaned without potential mold or fungus growth, thereby keeping your home safe. Of course, as soon as a flood happens, take steps to help ensure that your rugs and carpets can be saved. Leading Carpet Cleaning can assist you in saving your carpets after a flood. We will honestly tell you whether to save or replace your carpets. For any additional question or assistance, contact us today.

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