How to Clean & Get Muddy Paw Print Stains & Footprints Out of Carpet & Tile in Garden Grove, CA

One of the parts of the winter months that take a toll on the cleanliness of your home is mud. The mud is a bigger problem in this part of the year for two real reasons. One is that the winter is colder and that is not conducive to grass growing. That means that grass is not there and that means that the dirt is exposed. Now add to the water and or moisture to the dirt and that makes mud. The mud is a problem when you, your guests or your pets walk in it and then walk into your house. The mud will often come with you and end up on your floors and upholstery. The important thing that you need to know about mud is that it has to be cleaned properly so that it does not spread and increase in size. If you happen to use the same technique to clean mud that you would to clean chewed up gum the problem would not get better. You also need to have knowledge on the best ways to clean different parts of your floor from mud.

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How to Clean Muddy Footprints on Carpet: If you end up with mud on your carpet you need to clean it in a particular order. The first thing you need to do is to allow the mud to dry out all the way before you can do anything. When the mud is wet you are trying to combat moisture as well as the dirt. The dirt is easier to work with when it is alone. After the water has dried out you can use a brush to break apart the compacted dirt that is left over. You need to break it so that you can vacuum up the remnants after it has been broken. You may need to work on the area a little at a time so that the dirt is not able to expand further. After you have removed the dirt and vacuumed it up you need to treat the rest of the area. Mix water as well as dish detergent so that you can use to spot clean the area. Spray the area then use a clean cloth to dab at the area. This should leave the carpet looking clean and mud free.
How to Remove Mud from Tile & Grout: The other area that you might have a problem with mud getting on is tile. The tile floors exist in entry areas, kitchens and dining rooms. When you have mud on these areas you can treat it differently than you can when it has gotten on the carpet. You want to use a broom and dustpan to pick up as much of the debris as possible. Don’t sweep the mud in large areas and try to keep it close by so that it won’t spread out. You then need to clean the tile with whatever cleaning solution that you use on your floors. This is often water that is mixed with vinegar to clean the floors after the mud has been swept up.

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