Cleaning Mysterious Dark Brown & Black Patches Appearing on Your Carpet in Yorba Linda, CA

Have you noticed dark patches in the front of your couch or in high traffic areas? Does it look grungy? You assume that giving these areas a good cleaning will get rid of them, but this may not do the trick. There are a few reasons that a professional cleaning may not get rid of them. If it’s bad, then outdoor shoes in the home may be the biggest reason this is happening. The dirt gets tracked all over the carpet even if you do your best to wipe your shoes off every time you come in. Using that door mat will not remove all the dirt from your shoes. It will take off most of it but not the tiny particles that are stuck in the treads of the bottom of your shoes. Walking over the same path of carpet or sitting in the same spot on your sofa causes the shoes to rub the carpet fibers and will wear at them. Think of sandpaper and the affect that it has on a surface. The tiny particles that are left behind are abrasive, will grind the carpet fiber and damage it.

What Causes Mysterious Dark Brown Spots on Carpet

If we look at it in a different way, we can understand why it’s darker. The surface carpet fibers are cylindrical, round and smooth when they are manufactured. This allows light to bounce off the smooth finish. When the surface gets damaged then light can’t reflect as much, and it will look duller. Think of plastic. It’s hard, smooth and shiny when it’s new. If it gets scratched over time, it will get dull and look darker. This is what happens when the carpet fibers get rubbed down with soil particles on shoes. This will make your carpet look quite unsightly. Cleaning it will make it look better but the damage might be permanent and impossible to restore. Those slippers you slip on after a long day at work can also contribute to dark spots, especially if they are black on the bottom. The continuous rubbing will have a negative impact on your carpet. If your slippers look worn out it may because they have been worn out on your carpet!

What Does Soiled Carpet Mean?

Soiled carpet that has been created by shoes can cause ‘inground soiling’. The constant contact with soil in one area isn’t always possible to remove. This can be compared to the collar of a white shirt that stays dirty even after you wash it. You can wash it as many times as you like but the grubby collar remains. Ineffective cleaning isn’t the reason why you can get it clean, it’s an issue with inground soil. Prevent this problem by protecting your carpet as much as you can. Don’t wear shoes in the home and wear slippers with light-colored soles. Taking these two steps can do a lot to protect your carpet from unsightly dark spots appearing.

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Another step to keep your carpet looking its best is to make sure you have your carpets cleaned regularly to remove all the tiny particles that can ground into your carpet. Your carpet can look great for a long time if you contact Leading Carpet Cleaning to schedule your professional carpet cleaning today!

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