Most people know all about carpet cleaning and the benefits of it. They know that having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis can keep your carpets not only looking great but also lasting longer. It is also a great way to remove pet odor and stains and have the carpets looking newer longer. One of the ways that carpet cleaning helps a home is also improving the indoor air quality by moving dust and allergens from the carpet and fibers. Did you know that having your upholstery cleaned can help in all those same ways?

Leading Carpet Cleaning outlines why having your upholstery, couches, chairs and loveseats cleaned can extend their life.

Upholstery is not as clean as you might think: You might assume that your couches, loveseats and upholstered furniture are not too dirty but you are wrong. If you have a home with pets and even people living in it you have upholstery that needs to be cleaned. Most people shed skin constantly and that skin has to end up somewhere. Unfortunately you cannot see these skin cells so there is no way to know where they land. This means that many of the skin cells are ending up on your couches and upholstered furniture. If you have a pet you are sure to have even more skin, hair and saliva on them as well. All of this will keep building up and getting thicker and thicker the longer you wait to have them cleaned.
Upholstery can have dust mites: A dust mite is a real thing that exists on carpets, furniture, mattresses and other fabric surfaces in your home. They live on many surfaces and will multiply easily; especially in a nice warm environment. The worst part is that the dust mites can float up in the air when you sit down on the couch causing people that suffer from allergies to have trouble breathing. Dust mites can be removed from your couches and upholstery by having them cleaned by a professional on a regular basis.
Dirt and Grime Can damage your Upholstery: When you allow dirt and grime to stay on the couch and upholstery you are damaging the fabric. The dirt and grime can start to break down the fabric and cause it to be weakened. If this happens it is easier to tear and become ruined faster.

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