Benefits of Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Riverside CA

Most people are in the habit of cleaning the dryer vent trap of the lint buildup before or after each use. But what of the buildup that did not quite get pushed out of the vent? Over time, the lint and fuzz gets clogged, and a meticulous cleaning is needed. Unless you have all the necessary equipment, this project is very difficult to efficiently without the aid of a professional. You can generally tell when a cleaning is needed because the dryer needs 2 or 3 cycles to get the load completely dried.

Leading Carpet Cleaning would like to list the benefits of getting a professional dryer vent cleaning.

Fire Prevention. Fires ignited by dryers are quite a few, averaging 15,500 times a year, these fires are responsible deaths, injuries, and property damage ranging $209 million. Dryer vent neglect, has been cited as a contributed factor, and the lint is the source of ignition. As the lint accumulates in the dryer vent system, and the dryer heats up, the sparks can ignite the lint, causing fires. With a professional cleaning, the risk of fires are reduced. Getting the dryer vent system professionally cleaned once a year is recommended by most manufacturers, but if you have average over 8 loads a week, twice a year cleaning would be optimal.
Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Without proper maintenance, dryers can produce carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a tasteless, odorless, colorless toxic gas that is difficult to detect. It typically produces flu-like symptoms, and after prolong exposure can result in death. When the vents are obstructed with lint, or wildlife nests, the toxic fumes are not properly expelled outdoors. Instead, these harmful fumes are being backed into the home, and the carbon monoxide poisoning is being inhaled by the residents. With an experienced technician cleaning your vents, all manner of debris is being removed. Lint, the lost sock, wildlife nests, and anything else that manages to get obstructed in the vents. After which the vent system is properly expelling the potential harmful carbon monoxide gas.
Mold Elimination. The purpose of the dryer, is to thoroughly dry and remove the moisture from your clothes or washable fabrics. An average load of clothes, contains approximately 1/2 gallon of water. With an obstructed vent system, the clothes cannot get dried sufficiently. The cause of mold can be contributed to clogs or leaks. If a clog is present, or the vent system is not properly installed, moisture is condensed and trapped in the vent system. When the water combines with the lint passing through, it clumps together, and sticks to walls, floors and ceiling. Not only can this enlarge the obstruction, but it provides the perfect conditions for mold to take root, and thrive. In the case of a leak, a dryers clogged vent prevents proper airflow, the water condenses and will leak. In that event, mold is created, and festers. A professional not only cleans out the vent system, but also inspects for installation foul ups and leaks. Preventing the mold from taking hold.
Longevity. When your dryer is properly maintained, and dryer vent systems are periodically cleaned out, the dryer does not have to work 2-3 times as hard to dry the same load of laundry. Any appliance over exerting itself, and not getting properly maintained, will shorten the life span, and be in need of constant repair. Clothes needing excessive drying treatments will lose durability, and will be rendered useless long before their due. With proper vent system cleaning, your dryer will be efficient in its task, and spare your clothes added wear and tear.
Energy Efficiency. When the dryer is forced to repeat cycles on the same load, you are utilizing 2-3 times more energy than needed. Cleaned vents are far more energy efficient.

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