Do you Need to Clean your Air Ducts in Chino CA? Yes for Easier Breathing & Improved HVAC Efficiency!

The air duct system that is a part of your home is a hidden path of metal tubing that the cooled or heated air travels. This system is attached to the air conditioning unit that is circulating air through the system and into your home. The unit works in such a way that the air passes through a filter and this is what will eliminate most of the dirt and debris that is floating through your home. When the filter misses particles they end up in the air duct. When this happens the dirt and debris will start to buildup in the duct and stop some of the flow of air.

Leading Carpet Cleaning has prepared reasons why having your air ducts cleaned out is beneficial to you.

Dirty Air Ducts are Bad for your Health: One of the things that is always caught in the filters of your air conditioning unit is dirt and dust. It also collects things like pet dander and fur. These things can cause trouble with people that have allergies and asthma. When the filter is not changed often enough the next stop for all the dirt and debris is the air duct. This leaves the vents susceptible to the dirt and debris being sent into them. When this happens the same items are then sent through the unit and back into your home through the vents. When it is sent through the air it can act as an allergen that can start to cause trouble breathing.

Clean Air Ducts Improve HVAC Efficiency: Having the air ducts cleaned in your home can increase the efficiency in the way that the unit is running. This in turn will save you money on your energy costs since the unit will not have to work as hard. When you do not have the duct system cleaned it is like taking a straw and lining it with mud that stops the flow of water that you can then get. This means that the amount of air that you are getting is limited. The air duct will start to buildup and that means that the unit has to work more often to get the amount of air needed to cool or heat a room. That also means that you are using more energy and spending more money each month on your power bill. When you have the ducts cleaned it will allow the proper amount of clean air to flow to the rooms at a faster rate and the unit will need to work less.

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