Best Ways to Clean & Care for Hardwood Floors in Rancho Cucamonga, CA & Remove Scratch & Scuff Marks

Most people believe that cleaning hardwood floors is a difficult task. Due to the many horror stories of people improperly cleaning wood leads many to fear the task when in fact it is much easier than most realize. The one rule is to never use too much water because you can damage your floors. Leading Carpet Cleaning will help put your fears to rest and explain how to properly clean and maintain your hardwood floors.

Basic Hardwood Flooring Care Tips

Always clean the dust off of your floors first. You should actually use a dust mop on hardwood floors as a part of your weekly cleaning and only wash the floor as they need it. Don’t vacuum or use a regular broom with rough bristles, always use softer materials like a fabric dust mop or even a soft bristled broom on your hardwood floors. To maintain your floor means to regularly clean the dirt, pet hair, and debris from off of your floors.

Deeper Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Once dirt, oil and grime begins to build up on you floor, it is time for a deeper cleaning. Before washing the floor, dust mop or sweep your floors. When washing the floor you can use straight water or water with a little bit of vinegar if you like. If you use vinegar, mix together about 1 cup of vinegar to 1 gallon of water. With a mop or sponge mop squeeze out as much of the water as you can until the mop or sponge is lightly dampened. Never over soak the mop for washing wood floors because too much water can actually damage the floor instead of cleaning them. Also you don’t want to walk on your wood floor so when you are cleaning your floor there is two importand considerations. One – work your way out of the room and not into a corner and secondly, clean with the grain of the wood. Make sure to rinse the mop or sponge often. This is all it takes for deep cleaning your hardwood floor.

How to Remove Scuff Marks & Stains from Hardwood Floors

Marks can often appear over time and depending on want caused the mark can determine how to properly clean or remover these nasty blemishes from off your floors.
– Marks such as dark spots or pet stains will require some Number 000 steel wool and floor wax to rub away the mark. For the dark spots use bleach or vinegar. Soak a cloth and dab at the spot until it is also most soaked. Afterward allow the vinegar or bleach to soak for an hour and then wipe clean with a damp wet cloth.
– Heel marks are annoying when they occur. However, all you will need to remove the heel mark is the same number 000 steel wool and then rub in some floor wax.
– For water marks, use the same method as heel marks unless–as in some cases–the water stain is much deeper than just the surface. If so, you may need to lightly sand the water stain down to open up the pores of the wood. After you sand, apply odorless mineral spirits with the same steel wool.
– For grease stains or oil based stains, use a damp cloth with regular liquid dish soap to help break down the grease or oil. After rubbing the areas clean, rinse with straight water using a cloth. Afterwards lightly sand down the area to help smooth out the surface of the wood.

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Leading Carpet Cleaning hopes we were able to help make what may seem difficult an easier task to handle. If your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing or deep cleaning, contact Leading Carpet Cleaning. We provide many services that help aid any home including hardwood floor services. Contact us today.

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